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dc.creatorPapadimitriou, C.en
dc.creatorNtotsios, E.en
dc.description.abstractThis work outlines the optimization algorithms involved in integrating system analysis and measured data collected from a network of sensors. The integration is required for structural health monitoring problems arising in structural dynamics and related to (1) model parameter estimation used for finite element model updating, (2) model-based damage detection in structures and (3) optimal sensor location for parameter estimation and damage detection. These problems are formulated as single- and multi-objective optimization problems of continuous or discrete-valued variables. Gradient-based, evolutionary, hybrid and heuristic algorithms are presented that effectively address issues related to the estimation of multiple local/global solutions and computational complexity arising in single and multi-objective optimization involving continuous and discrete variables. © 2008 Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.en
dc.subjectBayesian inferenceen
dc.subjectDamage detectionen
dc.subjectInformation entropyen
dc.subjectOptimal sensor locationen
dc.subjectStructural dynamicsen
dc.subjectStructural identificationen
dc.subjectDiscrete variablesen
dc.subjectFinite-element model updatingen
dc.subjectIntegrating systemsen
dc.subjectMeasured datumen
dc.subjectModel parameter estimationsen
dc.subjectMulti-objective optimization problemsen
dc.subjectMulti-objective optimizationsen
dc.subjectNetwork of sensorsen
dc.subjectOptimization algorithmsen
dc.subjectStructural healthsen
dc.subjectSystem integrationsen
dc.subjectBayesian networksen
dc.subjectComputational complexityen
dc.subjectHeuristic algorithmsen
dc.subjectInference enginesen
dc.subjectIntegrated controlen
dc.subjectMetal analysisen
dc.subjectModel structuresen
dc.subjectMultiobjective optimizationen
dc.subjectParameter estimationen
dc.subjectSensor networksen
dc.subjectStructural health monitoringen
dc.subjectShape optimizationen
dc.titleOptimization algorithms for system integrationen

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