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dc.creatorArvanitoyannis, I. S.en
dc.sourceHandbook of Seafood Quality, Safety and Health Applicationsen
dc.subjectAddition of alkali in surimi wash water - higher-quality product than just using wateren
dc.subjectCCP for salmon processing - according to HACCP analysisen
dc.subjectCCP, step at which control - preventing or eliminating a fish and seafood safety hazard or reducing it to an acceptable levelen
dc.subjectFish trade globalization, coupled with technological developments in food productionen
dc.subjectFlow diagram of salmon processingen
dc.subjectFood safety and quality systems (ISO 22000:2005) - in seafood sectoren
dc.subjectFresh salmon production line, and blood removal - a critical control point (CCP)en
dc.subjectHACCP system, science based and systematic - specific hazards and measures for controlen
dc.subjectPasteurization, heat process designed - to eliminate targeted bacterial pathogensen
dc.subjectSurimi industry, global decrease in whitefish supply - demand for fillets and blocks made from Alaska pollocken
dc.titleFood Safety and Quality Systems (ISO 22000:2005) in the Seafood Sectoren

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