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    • Nearest Neighbor Algorithms using xBR-Trees 

      Roumelis, G.; Vassilakopoulos, M.; Corral, A. (2011)
      One of the common queries in spatial databases is the (K) Nearest Neighbor Query that discovers the (K) closest objects to a query object. Processing of spatial queries, in most cases, is accomplished by indexing spatial ...
    • Porting disk-based spatial index structures to flash-based solid state drives 

      Carniel A.C., Roumelis G., Ciferri R.R., Vassilakopoulos M., Corral A., Aguiar C.D. (2022)
      Indexing data on flash-based Solid State Drives (SSDs) is an important paradigm recently applied in spatial data management. During last years, the design of new spatial access methods for SSDs, named flash-aware spatial ...