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dc.creatorKassaras S., Maglaras L.en
dc.description.abstractHow someone can get health insurance without sharing his health information? How you can get a loan without disclosing your credit score? There is a method to certify certain attributes of various data, either this is health metrics or finance information, without revealing the data itself or any other kind of personal data. This method is known as “zero-knowledge proofs”. Zero-Knowledge techniques are mathematical methods used to verify things without sharing or revealing underlying data. Zero-Knowledge protocols have vast applications from simple identity schemes and blockchains to defense research programs and nuclear arms control. In this article we present the basic principles behind ZKP technology, possible applications and the threats and vulnerabilities that it is subject to and we review proposed security solutions. Copyright © 2020 for this paper by its authors.en
dc.sourceCEUR Workshop Proceedingsen
dc.subjectApplication programsen
dc.subjectHealth insuranceen
dc.subjectBasic principlesen
dc.subjectDefense researchen
dc.subjectHealth informationsen
dc.subjectMathematical methoden
dc.subjectSecurity solutionsen
dc.subjectThreats and vulnerabilitiesen
dc.subjectZero knowledge proofen
dc.subjectZero-knowledge protocolsen
dc.subjectNetwork securityen
dc.titleZKPs: Does this make the cut? Recent advances and success of zero-knowledge security protocolsen

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