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dc.creatorCarniel A.C., Roumelis G., Ciferri R.R., Vassilakopoulos M., Corral A., Ciferri C.D.deA.en
dc.description.abstractSpatial database systems often employ spatial indices to speed up the processing of spatial queries. In addition, modern spatial database applications are interested in exploiting the positive characteristics of flash-based Solid State Drives (SSDs) like fast reads and writes. However, designing spatial indices for SSDs (i.e., flash-aware spatial indices) has been a challenging task because of the intrinsic characteristics of these devices. In this paper, we propose the eFIND xBR + -tree, a novel flash-aware spatial index for points. The eFIND xBR + -tree combines the efficient indexing method of the xBR + -tree with the sophisticated data structures and algorithms of eFIND to handle points in SSDs efficiently. Experiments carried out considering real and synthetic spatial data showed that the eFIND xBR + -tree overcame its closest competitor by reducing the elapsed time to construct the index from 28.4% to 83.5% and to execute spatial queries up to 34.6%. © 2018 National Institute for Space Research, INPE. All rights reserved.en
dc.sourceProceedings of the Brazilian Symposium on GeoInformaticsen
dc.subjectQuery languagesen
dc.subjectQuery processingen
dc.subjectTrees (mathematics)en
dc.subjectIndexing methodsen
dc.subjectIntrinsic characteristicsen
dc.subjectSpatial dataen
dc.subjectSpatial databaseen
dc.subjectSpatial database systemsen
dc.subjectSpatial indexesen
dc.subjectSpatial indicesen
dc.subjectSpatial queriesen
dc.subjectFlash-based SSDsen
dc.subjectNational Institute for Space Research, INPEen
dc.titleAn efficient flash-aware spatial index for pointsen

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