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dc.creatorSpirou, S.en
dc.description.abstractSeveral assessment sessions involving human observers were conducted on the output of a laboratory broadband digital television system to examine how packet reordering could affect the audiovisual subjective quality. Besides packet reordering extent, the system was also varied in Set-Top Box, accompanying operating system, and content genre. It was found that current receivers are similarly exposed to the impairment and that their output quality becomes intolerable for more than 0.12% of reordered packets. Also, high-motion content appears more vulnerable to packet reordering. These findings suggest that packet reordering is a valid threat to broadband digital television, so we briefly discuss a few protective measures 1. © 2006 IEEE.en
dc.subjectBroadband digital televisionen
dc.subjectIndex Terms -Packet reorderingen
dc.subjectQuality assessmenten
dc.subjectSubjective qualityen
dc.subjectIndex Termsen
dc.subjectPacket reorderingen
dc.subjectBroadband networksen
dc.subjectContent based retrievalen
dc.subjectPacket switchingen
dc.subjectQuality of serviceen
dc.subjectDigital televisionen
dc.titlePacket reordering effects on the subjective quality of broadband digital televisionen

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