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dc.creatorPapadimitriou, A.en
dc.creatorKatsaros, D.en
dc.creatorManolopoulos, Y.en
dc.description.abstractStorage management in wireless sensor networks is an area that has started to attract significant attention, and several methods have been proposed, such as Local Storage (LS), Data-Centric Storage (DCS) and more recently Location- Centric Storage (LCS). Several modern applications, like contextdependent information dissemination for pervasive computing, on-demand warning in surveillance sensor networks and roadway safety warning, require that each originating event is stord around its point of origin. LCS is a suitable approach for such applications. Though, LCS does not take into consideration the origin of the queries, which is equally important to the storage method, because it has immediate influence on the experienced latency. This paper proposes a simple yet effective way of reducing the network latency, namely the Query Sensitive Storage (QSS) protocol. QSS makes certain that not only will the queries be answered, but all subsequent queries that originated in the same area will be answered faster. The experimental evaluation using the J-Sim simulator attests that with the proposed QSS protocol we can achieve smaller network latency at a minimum storage cost as compared to its state-of-the-art competitor, namely LCS. © 2009 IEEE.en
dc.subjectContext dependenten
dc.subjectData centric storageen
dc.subjectExperimental evaluationen
dc.subjectLocation-centric storageen
dc.subjectModern applicationsen
dc.subjectNetwork latenciesen
dc.subjectPervasive computingen
dc.subjectRoadway safetyen
dc.subjectStorage costsen
dc.subjectStorage managementen
dc.subjectSurveillance sensorsen
dc.subjectArts computingen
dc.subjectComputer peripheral equipmenten
dc.subjectInformation disseminationen
dc.subjectInterfaces (computer)en
dc.subjectLocal area networksen
dc.subjectNetwork managementen
dc.subjectNetwork protocolsen
dc.subjectPacket networksen
dc.subjectSensor networksen
dc.subjectWireless local area networks (WLAN)en
dc.subjectWireless telecommunication systemsen
dc.subjectWireless sensor networksen
dc.titleQuery sensitive storage for wireless sensor networksen

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