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dc.creatorNikolaraizi, M.en
dc.creatorVekiri, I.en
dc.description.abstractIn this paper we discuss the role of visual resources, namely Greek Sign Language videos, concept maps and pictures, and their allocation in a multimedia educational software designed to enhance reading comprehension in deaf children. First, we summarize research findings from three bodies of literature that informed the design of the software: reading comprehension and deaf children, the role of visual displays in reading comprehension and multimedia learning theories. In the following part, we describe the software "See and See" and explain how relevant theory and research regarding visual displays and multimedia learning has been applied to its design. Finally, we present a pilot evaluation of "See and See" regarding the students' interaction with the software and its role in reading comprehension. © 2011 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.en
dc.subjectConcept mapsen
dc.subjectDeaf studentsen
dc.subjectGreek Sign Languageen
dc.subjectMultimedia designen
dc.subjectSpecial educationen
dc.subjectVisual resourcesen
dc.titleThe design of a software to enhance the reading comprehension skills of deaf students: An integration of multiple theoretical perspectivesen

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