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dc.creatorMaglaras, A. L.en
dc.creatorGiannakopoulou, K.en
dc.creatorKousiouris, T. G.en
dc.creatorTopalis, F. V.en
dc.creatorKatsaros, D. S.en
dc.creatorMaglaras, L. A.en
dc.description.abstractIn the present paper methods of controlling Corona and breakdown in small rod-plate air gaps are investigated. Combining experimental and simulation-theoretical work, it is resulted that when the rod's diameter is bigger, the gap length larger and the rod is grounded the field is less inhomogeneous. Therefore the value of the dc breakdown voltage without Corona is higher. If Corona occurs then the values of the Corona onset voltage are higher, and the corona effects are not intense. The Corona effects, lead to a rise of the value of the dc breakdown voltage especially when the rod is negatively charged. Moreover an insulated thin barrier, when positioned near the rod increases the breakdown dc voltage to a maximum value, and minimizes the Corona effects. Especially for gaps stressed by impulse voltage the Corona effects, appearing with the form of electric current pulses, are influenced by the same factors with a different way. The values of the breakdown voltage in contrast to what happens with dc voltage are higher when the Corona effects are weaker, depending on the influence of the field's inhomogenity (geometry and effect of grounding). It is also resulted that a resistor connected in series with the gap decreases its maximum charging voltage and increases the value of the breakdown voltage. © 2013 IEEE.en
dc.subjectControl and optimizationen
dc.subjectCorona onset voltageen
dc.subjectElectric current pulseen
dc.subjectRod-plate air gapsen
dc.subjectElectric breakdownen
dc.subjectElectric coronaen
dc.subjectElectric groundingen
dc.titleControl and optimization of the Corona effects and breakdown of small rod-plate air gaps stressed by dc and impulse voltagesen

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