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dc.creatorHatzoglou, C. H.en
dc.creatorGourgoulianis, K. I.en
dc.creatorMolyvdas, P. A.en
dc.description.abstractThe fluid and solute transport properties of pleural tissue were studied by using specimens of intact visceral and parietal pleura from adult sheep lungs. The samples were transferred to the laboratory in a Krebs-Ringer solution at 4 degreesC within 1 h from the death of the animal. The pleura was then mounted as a planar sheet in a Ussing-type chamber. The results that are presented in this study are the means of six different experiments. The spontaneous potential difference and the inhibitory effects of sodium nitroprusside (SNP), ouabain, and amiloride on transepithelial electrical resistance (R-TE) were measured. The spontaneous potential difference across parietal pleura was 0.5 +/- 0.1 mV, whereas that across visceral pleura was 0.4 +/- 0.1 mV. R-TE of both pleura was very low: 22.02 +/- 4.1 Omega .cm(2) for visceral pleura and 22.02 +/- 3.5 Omega .cm(2) for parietal pleura. There was an increase in the R-TE when SNP was added to the serosal bathing solution of parietal pleura and to the serosal or mucosal bathing solution in visceral pleura. The same was observed when ouabain was added to the mucosal surface of visceral pleura and to either the mucosal or serosal surface of parietal pleura. Furthermore, there was an increase in R-TE when amiloride was added to the serosal bathing solution of parietal pleura. Consequently, the sheep pleura appears to play a role in the fluid and solute transport between the pleural capillaries and the pleural space. There results suggest that there is a Na+ and K+ transport across both the visceral and parietal pleura.en
dc.sourceJournal of Applied Physiologyen
dc.source.uri<Go to ISI>://WOS:000167491500050
dc.subjectpleural permeabilityen
dc.subjectUssing systemen
dc.subjecttranspleural potentialen
dc.subjectsodium nitroprussideen
dc.subjectSport Sciencesen
dc.titleEffects of SNP, ouabain, and amiloride on electrical potential profile of isolated sheep pleuraen

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