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    • The -938C>A polymorphism in MYD88 is associated with susceptibility to tuberculosis: A pilot study 

      Aggelou K., Siapati E.K., Gerogianni I., Daniil Z., Gourgoulianis K., Ntanos I., Simantirakis E., Zintzaras E., Mollaki V., Vassilopoulos G. (2016)
      Introduction. Tuberculosis (TB) is a major disease worldwide, caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) infection.The Toll- Like Receptor (TLR) pathway plays a crucial role in the recognition of MTB. Aim. The present study ...
    • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening: Do We Need to Shift Toward a Targeted Strategy? 

      Spanos K., Labropoulos N., Giannoukas A. (2018)
      [No abstract available]
    • Accelerated hypofractionated radiotherapy schedules in breast cancer: A review of the current literature 

      Kalogeridi, M. A.; Kelekis, N.; Kouvaris, J.; Platoni, K.; Kyrias, G.; Pectasides, D.; Kouloulias, V. (2009)
      Lumpectomy followed by breast irradiation is an alternative to mastectomy for patients with early-stage breast cancer. The purpose of radiation treatment following lumpectomy is to minimize the risk of recurrent cancer in ...
    • Acoustic and Perceived Measurements Certifying Tango as Voice Treatment Method 

      Tafiadis D., Kosma E.I., Chronopoulos S.K., Papadopoulos A., Toki E.I., Vassiliki S., Ziavra N. (2018)
      Voice disorders are affecting everyday life in many levels, and their prevalence has been studied extensively in certain and general populations. Notably, several factors have a cohesive influence on voice disorders and ...
    • Acute limb ischemia and anticoagulation in patients with history of atrial fibrillation 

      Spanos K., Athanasoulas A., Argyriou C., Vassilopoulos I., Giannoukas A.D. (2016)
      BACKGROUND: Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the commonest source of arterial embolization causing acute limb ischemia (ALI). The aim of this study was to assess the adherence of anticoagulation in AF patients and the treatment ...
    • Adenotonsillectomy to treat obstructive sleep apnea: Is it enough? 

      Boudewyns A., Abel F., Alexopoulos E., Evangelisti M., Kaditis A., Miano S., Villa M.P., Verhulst S.L. (2017)
      Although adenotonsillectomy is the first line treatment for children with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (0SAS),1 improvement in objectively documented outcomes is often inadequate and a substantial number of children ...
    • Adherence to Recommendations for Βacillus Calmette-Guérin Vaccination of High-risk Neonates in Greece 

      Maltezou H.C., Magaziotou I., Tseroni M., Syrigonaki K., Syrogiannopoulos G.A., Tsolia M., Roilides E., Theodoridou M., Georgakopoulou T. (2022)
      In 2016 a Βacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccination policy targeting high-risk neonates for tuberculosis before discharge from maternity hospital was adopted in Greece. Vaccination rates were 38.2% in 2019 and 24.7% in 2020. ...
    • ADORA2A rS5760423 and CYP1A2 rs762551 polymorphisms as risk factors for parkinson’s disease 

      Siokas V., Aloizou A.-M., Tsouris Z., Liampas I., Liakos P., Calina D., Docea A.O., Tsatsakis A., Bogdanos D.P., Hadjigeorgiou G.M., Dardiotis E. (2021)
      Background: Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the second commonest neurodegenerative disease. The genetic basis of PD is indisputable. Both ADORA2A rs5760423 and CYP1A2 rs762551 have been linked to PD, to some extent, but the ...
    • Age, Body Mass Index, and Daytime and Nocturnal Hypoxia as Predictors of Hypertension in Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea 

      Natsios G., Pastaka C., Vavougios G., Zarogiannis S.G., Tsolaki V., Dimoulis A., Seitanidis G., Gourgoulianis K.I. (2016)
      A growing body of evidence links obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) with hypertension. The authors performed a retrospective cohort study using the University Hospital of Larissa Sleep Apnea Database (1501 patients) to determine ...
    • Age- A nd sex-specific analysis of patients with embolic stroke of undetermined source 

      Ntaios G., Lip G.Y.H., Vemmos K., Koroboki E., Manios E., Vemmou A., Rodríguez-Campello A., Cuadrado-Godia E., Roquer J., Arnao V., Caso V., Paciaroni M., DIez-Tejedor E., Fuentes B., Pérez Lucas J., Arauz A., Ameriso S.F., Pertierra L., Gómez-Schneider M., Hawkes M.A., Bandini F., Chavarria Cano B., Iglesias Mohedano A.M., Garciá Pastor A., Gil-Núñez A., Putaala J., Tatlisumak T., Barboza M.A., Athanasakis G., Gioulekas F., Makaritsis K., Papavasileiou V. (2017)
      Objective: To investigate whether the correlation of age and sex with the risk of recurrence and death seen in patients with previous ischemic stroke is also evident in patients with embolic stroke of undetermined source ...
    • Age-related cognitive decline and associations with sex, education and apolipoprotein E genotype across ethnocultural groups and geographic regions: a collaborative cohort study 

      Lipnicki D.M., Crawford J.D., Dutta R., Thalamuthu A., Kochan N.A., Andrews G., Lima-Costa M.F., Castro-Costa E., Brayne C., Matthews F.E., Stephan B.C.M., Lipton R.B., Katz M.J., Ritchie K., Scali J., Ancelin M.-L., Scarmeas N., Yannakoulia M., Dardiotis E., Lam L.C.W., Wong C.H.Y., Fung A.W.T., Guaita A., Vaccaro R., Davin A., Kim K.W., Han J.W., Kim T.H., Anstey K.J., Cherbuin N., Butterworth P., Scazufca M., Kumagai S., Chen S., Narazaki K., Ng T.P., Gao Q., Reppermund S., Brodaty H., Lobo A., Lopez-Anton R., Santabárbara J., Sachdev P.S., Cohort Studies of Memory in an International Consortium (COSMIC) (2017)
      Background: The prevalence of dementia varies around the world, potentially contributed to by international differences in rates of age-related cognitive decline. Our primary goal was to investigate how rates of age-related ...
    • Aging Impairs Whole-Body Heat Loss in Women under Both Dry and Humid Heat Stress 

      Notley S.R., Poirier M.P., Hardcastle S.G., Flouris A.D., Boulay P., Sigal R.J., Kenny G.P. (2017)
      Purpose This study was designed to determine whether age-related impairments in whole-body heat loss, which are known to exist in dry heat, also occur in humid heat in women. Methods To evaluate this possibility, 10 young ...
    • Alzheimer’s disease in patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome 

      Siachpazidou D.I., Stavrou V.T., Astara K., Pastaka C., Gogou E., Hatzoglou C., Economou N.-T., Gourgoulianis K.I. (2020)
      Background: Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) is a disorder with high prevalence among adults and is an independent risk factor for various diseases, especially those affecting the central nervous system (CNS). ...
    • aMAP risk score predicts hepatocellular carcinoma development in patients with chronic hepatitis 

      Fan R., Papatheodoridis G., Sun J., Innes H., Toyoda H., Xie Q., Mo S., Sypsa V., Guha I.N., Kumada T., Niu J., Dalekos G., Yasuda S., Barnes E., Lian J., Suri V., Idilman R., Barclay S.T., Dou X., Berg T., Hayes P.C., Flaherty J.F., Zhou Y., Zhang Z., Buti M., Hutchinson S.J., Guo Y., Calleja J.L., Lin L., Zhao L., Chen Y., Janssen H.L.A., Zhu C., Shi L., Tang X., Gaggar A., Wei L., Jia J., Irving W.L., Johnson P.J., Lampertico P., Hou J. (2020)
      Background & Aims: Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the leading cause of death in patients with chronic hepatitis. In this international collaboration, we sought to develop a global universal HCC risk score to predict the ...
    • Anatomical Differences Between Intact and Ruptured Large Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms 

      Spanos K., Nana P., Kouvelos G., Mpatzalexis K., Matsagkas M., Giannoukas A.D. (2020)
      Purpose: To compare different anatomical characteristics between intact and ruptured large abdominal aortic aneurysms (rAAA >80 mm) with the goal of refining the process of estimating rupture risk. Materials and Methods: ...
    • The annual direct costs of stable COPD in Greece 

      Stafyla E., Geitona M., Kerenidi T., Economou A., Daniil Z., Gourgoulianis K.I. (2018)
      Introduction: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) places a major burden on health care systems and has substantial economic effects; however, the cost of stable disease in Greece has never been thoroughly explored. ...
    • Anticoagulant selection in relation to the SAMe-TT2R2 score in patients with atrial fibrillation: The GLORIA-AF registry 

      Ntaios G., Huisman M.V., Diener H.-C., Halperin J.L., Teutsch C., Marler S., Gurusamy V.K., Thompson M., Lip G.Y.H., Olshansky B., Abban D.W., Abdul N., Abud A.M., Adams F., Addala S., Adragão P., Ageno W., Aggarwal R., Agosti S., Agostoni P., Aguilar F., Linares J.A., Aguinaga L., Ahmed J., Aiello A., Ainsworth P., Aiub J.R., Al-Dallow R., Alderson L., Aldrete Velasco J.A., Alexopoulos D., Manterola F.A., Aliyar P., Alonso D., Alves da Costa F.A., Amado J., Amara W., Amelot M., Amjadi N., Ammirati F., Andrade M., Andrawis N., Annoni G., Ansalone G., Ariani M.K., Arias J.C., Armero S., Arora C., Aslam M.S., Asselman M., Audouin P., Augenbraun C., Aydin S., Ayryanova I., Aziz E., Backes L.M., Badings E., Bagni E., Baker S.H., Bala R., Baldi A., Bando S., Banerjee S., Bank A., Esquivias G.B., Barr C., Bartlett M., Kes V.B., Baula G., Behrens S., Bell A., Benedetti R., Mazuecos J.B., Benhalima B., Bergler-Klein J., Berneau J.-B., Bernstein R.A., Berrospi P., Berti S., Berz A., Best E., Bettencourt P., Betzu R., Bhagwat R., Bhatta L., Biscione F., BISIGNANI G., Black T., Bloch M.J., Bloom S., Blumberg E., Bo M., Bøhmer E., Bollmann A., Bongiorni M.G., Boriani G., Boswijk D.J., Bott J., Bottacchi E., Kalan M.B., Bradman D., Brautigam D., Breton N., Brouwers P.J.A.M., Browne K., Cortada J.B., Bruni A., Brunschwig C., Buathier H., Buhl A., Bullinga J., Cabrera J.W., Caccavo A., Cai S., Caine S., Calò L., Calvi V., Sánchez M.C., Candeias R., Capuano V., Capucci A., Caputo R., Rizo T.C., Cardona F., Carlos da Costa Darrieux F., Duarte Vera Y.C., Carolei A., Carreño S., Carvalho P., Cary S., Casu G., Cavallini C., Cayla G., Celentano A., Cha T.-J., Cha K.S., Chae J.K., Chalamidas K., Challappa K., Chand S.P., Chandrashekar H., Chartier L., Chatterjee K., Chavez Ayala C.A., Cheema A., Cheema A., Chen L., Chen S.-A., Chen J.H., Chiang F.-T., Chiarella F., Chih-Chan L., Cho Y.K., Choi J.-I., Choi D.J., Chouinard G., Hoi-Fan Chow D., Chrysos D., Chumakova G., José Roberto Chuquiure Valenzuela E.J., Nica N.C., Cislowski D.J., Clay A., Clifford P., Cohen A., Cohen M., Cohen S., Colivicchi F., Collins R., Colonna P., Compton S., Connolly D., Conti A., Buenostro G.C., Coodley G., Cooper M., Coronel J., Corso G., Sales J.C., Cottin Y., Covalesky J., Cracan A., Crea F., Crean P., Crenshaw J., Cullen T., Darius H., Dary P., Dascotte O., Dauber I., Davalos V., Davies R., Davis G., Davy J.-M., Dayer M., De Biasio M., De Bonis S., De Caterina R., De Franceschi T., de Groot J.R., De Horta J., De La Briolle A., Topete G.D.L.P., Vicenzo de Paola A.A., de Souza W., de Veer A., De Wolf L., Decoulx E., Deepak S., Defaye P., Del-Carpio Munoz F., Brkljacic D.D., Deumite N.J., Di Legge S., Diemberger I., Dietz D., Dionísio P., Dong Q., Rossi dos Santos F., Dotcheva E., Doukky R., D'Souza A., Dubrey S., Ducrocq X., Dupljakov D., Duque M., Dutta D., Duvilla N., Duygun A., Dziewas R., Eaton C.B., Eaves W., Ebels-Tuinbeek L.A., Ehrlich C., Eichinger-Hasenauer S., Eisenberg S.J., El Jabali A., El Shahawy M., Hernandes M.E., Izal A.E., Evonich R., III, Evseeva O., Ezhov A., Fahmy R., Fang Q., Farsad R., Fauchier L., Favale S., Fayard M., Fedele J.L., Fedele F., Fedorishina O., Fera S.R., Gomes Ferreira L.G., Ferreira J., Ferri C., Ferrier A., Ferro H., Finsen A., First B., Fischer S., Fonseca C., Almeida L.F., Forman S., Frandsen B., French W., Friedman K., Friese A., Fruntelata A.G., Fujii S., Fumagalli S., Fundamenski M., Furukawa Y., Gabelmann M., Gabra N., Gadsbøll N., Galinier M., Gammelgaard A., Ganeshkumar P., Gans C., Quintana A.G., Gartenlaub O., Gaspardone A., Genz C., Georger F., Georges J.-L., Georgeson S., Giedrimas E., Gierba M., Ortega I.G., Gillespie E., Giniger A., Giudici M.C., Gkotsis A., Glotzer T.V., Gmehling J., Gniot J., Goethals P., Goldbarg S., Goldberg R., Goldmann B., Golitsyn S., Gómez S., Mesa J.G., Gonzalez V.B., Gonzalez Hermosillo J.A., González López V.M., Gorka H., Gornick C., Gorog D., Gottipaty V., Goube P., Goudevenos I., Graham B., Greer G.S., Gremmler U., Grena P.G., Grond M., Gronda E., Grönefeld G., Gu X., Torres Torres I.G., Guardigli G., Guevara C., Guignier A., Gulizia M., Gumbley M., Günther A., Ha A., Hahalis G., Hakas J., Hall C., Han B., Han S., Hargrove J., Hargroves D., Harris K.B., Haruna T., Hayek E., Healey J., Hearne S., Heffernan M., Heggelund G., Heijmeriks J.A., Hemels M., Hendriks I., Henein S., Her S.-H., Hermany P., Hernández Del Río J.E., Higashino Y., Hill M., Hisadome T., Hishida E., Hoffer E., Hoghton M., Hong K., Hong S.K., Horbach S., Horiuchi M., Hou Y., Hsing J., Huang C.-H., Huckins D., kathy Hughes, Huizinga A., Hulsman E.L., Hung K.-C., Hwang G.-S., Ikpoh M., Imberti D., Ince H., Indolfi C., Inoue S., Irles D., Iseki H., Israel C.N., Iteld B., Iyer V., Jackson-Voyzey E., Jaffrani N., Jäger F., James M., Jang S.-W., Jaramillo N., Jarmukli N., Jeanfreau R.J., Jenkins R.D., Sánchez C.J., Jimenez J., Jobe R., Joen-Jakobsen T., Jones N., Moura Jorge J.C., Jouve B., Jung B.C., Jung K.T., Jung W., Kachkovskiy M., Kafkala K., Kalinina L., Kallmünzer B., Kamali F., Kamo T., Kampus P., Kashou H., Kastrup A., Katsivas A., Kaufman E., Kawai K., Kawajiri K., Kazmierski J.F., Keeling P., Kerr Saraiva J.F., Ketova G., Khaira A.S., Khripun A., Kim D.-I., Kim Y.H., Kim N.H., Kim D.K., Kim J.S., Kim J.S., Kim K.S., Kim J.B., Kinova E., Klein A., Kmetzo J.J., Kneller G.L., Knezevic A., Angela Koh S.M., Koide S., Kollias A., Kooistra J.A., Koons J., Koschutnik M., Kostis W.J., Kovacic D., Kowalczyk J., Koziolova N., Kraft P., Kragten J.A., Krantz M., Krause L., Krenning B.J., Krikke F., Kromhout Z., Krysiak W., Kumar P., Kümler T., Kuniss M., Kuo J.-Y., Küppers A., Kurrelmeyer K., Kwak C.H., Laboulle B., Labovitz A., Lai W.T., Lam A., Lam Y.Y., Zanetti F.L., Landau C., Landini G., Figueiredo E.L., Larsen T., Lavandier K., LeBlanc J., Lee M.H., Lee C.-H., Lehman J., Leitão A., Lellouche N., Lelonek M., Lenarczyk R., Lenderink T., González S.L., Leong-Sit P., Leschke M., Ley N., Li Z., Li X., Li W., Li X., Lichy C., Lieber I., Limon Rodriguez R.H., Lin H., Liu F., Liu H., Esperon G.L., Navarro N.L., Lo E., Lokshyn S., López A., López-Sendón J.L., Lorga Filho A.M., Lorraine R.S., Luengas C.A., Luke R., Luo M., Lupovitch S., Lyrer P., Ma C., Ma G., Madariaga I., Maeno K., Magnin D., Maid G., Mainigi S.K., Makaritsis K., Malhotra R., Manning R., Manolis A., Manrique Hurtado H.A., Mantas I., Jattin F.M., Maqueda V., Marchionni N., Ortuno F.M., Santana A.M., Martinez J., Maskova P., Hernandez N.M., Matsuda K., Maurer T., Mauro C., May E., Mayer N., McClure J., McCormack T., McGarity W., McIntyre H., McLaurin B., Medina Palomino F.A., Melandri F., Meno H., Menzies D., Mercader M., Meyer C., Meyer B.J., Miarka J., Mibach F., Michalski D., Michel P., Chreih R.M., Mikdadi G., Mikus M., Milicic D., Militaru C., Minaie S., Minescu B., Mintale I., Mirault T., Mirro M.J., Mistry D., Miu N.V., Miyamoto N., Moccetti T., Mohammed A., Nor A.M., Mollerus M., Molon G., Mondillo S., Moniz P., Mont L., Montagud V., Montaña O., Monti C., Moretti L., Mori K., Moriarty A., Morka J., Moschini L., Moschos N., Mügge A., Mulhearn T.J., Muresan C., Muriago M., Musial W., Musser C.W., Musumeci F., Nageh T., Nakagawa H., Nakamura Y., Nakayama T., Nam G.-B., Nanna M., Natarajan I., Nayak H.M., Naydenov S., Nazli J., Nechita A.C., Nechvatal L., Negron S.A., Neiman J., Neuenschwander F.C., Neves D., Neykova A., Miguel R.N., Nijmeh G., Nizov A., Campos R.N., Nossan J., Novikova T., Nowalany-Kozielska E., Nsah E., Nunez Fragoso J.C., Nurgalieva S., Nuyens D., Nyvad O., Odin de Los Rios Ibarra M., O'Donnell P., O'Donnell M., Oh S., Oh Y.S., Oh D., O'Hara G., Oikonomou K., Olivares C., Oliver R., Ruiz R.O., Olympios C., Anna omaszuk-Kazberuk, Asensi J.O., eena Padayattil jose, Padilla Padilla F.G., Rios V.P., Pajes G., Pandey A.S., Paparella G., Paris F., Park H.W., Park J.S., Parthenakis F., Passamonti E., Patel R.J., Patel J., Patel M., Patrick J., Jimenez R.P., Paz A., Pengo V., Pentz W., Pérez B., Pérez Ríos A.M., Pérez-Cabezas A., Perlman R., Persic V., Perticone F., Peters T.K., Petkar S., Pezo L.F., Pflücke C., Pham D.N., Phillips R.T., Phlaum S., Pieters D., Pineau J., Pinter A., Pinto F., Pisters R., Pivac N., Pocanic D., Podoleanu C., Politano A., Poljakovic Z., Pollock S., Garcéa J.P., Poppert H., Porcu M., Reino A.P., Prasad N., Précoma D.B., Prelle A., Prodafikas J., Protasov K., Pye M., Qiu Z., Quedillac J.-M., Raev D., Raffo Grado C.A., Rahimi S., Raisaro A., Rama B., Ramos R., Ranieri M., Raposo N., Rashba E., Rauch-Kroehnert U., Reddy R., Renda G., Reza S., Ria L., Richter D., Rickli H., Rieker W., Vera T.R., Ritt L.E., Roberts D., Briones I.R., Rodriguez Escudero A.E., Pascual C.R., Roman M., Romeo F., Ronner E., Roux J.-F., Rozkova N., Rubacek M., Rubalcava F., Russo A.M., Rutgers M.P., Rybak K., Said S., Sakamoto T., Salacata A., Salem A., Bodes R.S., Saltzman M.A., Salvioni A., Vallejo G.S., Fernández M.S., Saporito W.F., Sarikonda K., Sasaoka T., Sati H., Savelieva I., Scala P.-J., Schellinger P., Scherr C., Schmitz L., Schmitz K.-H., Schmitz B., Schnabel T., Schnupp S., Schoeniger P., Schön N., Schwimmbeck P., Seamark C., Searles G., Seidl K.-H., Seidman B., Sek J., Sekaran L., SERRATI C., Shah N., Shah V., Shah A., Shah S., Sharma V.K., Shaw L., Sheikh K.H., Shimizu N., Shimomura H., Shin D.-G., Shin E.-S., Shite J., Sibilio G., Silver F., Sime I., Simmers T.A., Singh N., Siostrzonek P., Smadja D., Smith D.W., Snitman M., Filho D.S., Soda H., Sofley C., Sokal A., Oi Yan Y.S., Sotolongo R., Ferreira de Souza O., Sparby J.A., Spinar J., Sprigings D., Spyropoulos A.C., Stakos D., Steinwender C., Stergiou G., Stiell I., Stoddard M., Stoikov A., Streb W., Styliadis I., Su G., Su X., Sudnik W., Sukles K., Sun X., Swart H., Szavits-Nossan J., Taggeselle J., Takagi Y., Singh Takhar A.P., Tamm A., Tanaka K., Tanawuttiwat T., Tang S., Tang A., Tarsi G., Tassinari T., Tayal A., Tayebjee M., Berg J.M.T., Tesloianu D., The S.H.K., Thomas D., Timsit S., Tobaru T., Tomasik A.R., Torosoff M., Touze E., Trendafilova E., Tsai W.K., Tse H.F., Tsutsui H., Tu T.M., Tuininga Y., Turakhia M., Turk S., Tcurner W., Tveit A., Tytus R., Valadão C., van Bergen P.F.M.M., van de Borne P., van den Berg B.J., van der Zwaan C., Van Eck M., Vanacker P., Vasilev D., Vasilikos V., Vasilyev M., Veerareddy S., Miño M.V., Venkataraman A., Verdecchia P., Versaci F., Vester E.G., Vial H., Victory J., Villamil A., Vincent M., Vlastaris A., Dahl J.V., Vora K., Vranian R.B., Wakefield P., Wang N., Wang M., Wang X., Wang F., Wang T., Warner A.L., Watanabe K., Wei J., Weimar C., Weiner S., Weinrich R., Wen M.-S., Wiemer M., Wiggers P., Wilke A., Williams D., Williams M.L., Witzenbichler B., Wong B., Lawrence Wong K.S., Wozakowska-Kaplon B., Wu S., Wu R.C., Wunderlich S., Wyatt N., Wylie J.J., Xu Y., Xu X., Yamanoue H., Yamashita T., Bryan Yan P.Y., Yang T., Yao J., Yeh K.-H., Yin W.H., Yotov Y., Zahn R., Zarich S., Zenin S., Zeuthen E.L., Zhang H., Zhang D., Zhang X., Zhang P., Zhang J., Zhao S.P., Zhao Y., Zhao Z., Zheng Y., Zhou J., Zimmermann S., Zini A., Zizzo S., Zong W., Zukerman L.S., the GLORIA-AF Investigators (2021)
      Aim: The SAMe-TT2R2 score helps identify patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) likely to have poor anticoagulation control during anticoagulation with vitamin K antagonists (VKA) and those with scores >2 might be better ...
    • The antiphospholipid syndrome and infection 

      Dalekos, G. N.; Zachou, K.; Liaskos, C. (2001)
      Infectious agents have been implicated in the induction of antiphospholipid (aPL) antibodies and the development of the antiphospholipid syndrome (APS). This review focuses on the types of aPL antibodies detected in ...
    • Antiplatelet Resistance in Ischaemic Stroke Patients 

      Spanos K., Kouvelos G., Matsagkas M., Giannoukas A.D. (2017)
      [No abstract available]
    • Aortic Arch Atherosclerosis in Patients With Embolic Stroke of Undetermined Source: An Exploratory Analysis of the NAVIGATE ESUS Trial 

      Ntaios G., Pearce L.A., Meseguer E., Endres M., Amarenco P., Ozturk S., Lang W., Bornstein N.M., Molina C.A., Pagola J., Mundl H., Berkowitz S.D., Liu Y.Y., Sen S., Connolly S.J., Hart R.G. (2019)
      Background and Purpose- Aortic arch atherosclerosis (AAA) is a possible source of embolism in patients with embolic stroke of undetermined source. Previous studies reported high rates of embolic events in patients with ...