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    • Development of Convolutional Neural Networkbased models for bone metastasis classification in nuclear medicine 

      Papandrianos N.I., Papageorgiou E.I., Anagnostis A., Papageorgiou K., Feleki A., Bochtis D. (2020)
      Focusing on prostate cancer patients, this research paper addresses the problem of bone metastasis diagnosis, investigating the capabilities of convolutional neural networks (CNN) and transfer learning. Considering the ...
    • Impact of COVID-19 on medical education: introducing homo digitalis 

      Gravas S., Ahmad M., Hernández-Porras A., Furriel F., Alvarez-Maestro M., Kumar A., Lee K.-S., Azodoh E., Mburugu P., Sanchez-Salas R., Bolton D., Gomez R., Klotz L., Kulkarni S., Tanguay S., Elliott S., de la Rosette J., the Office of Education and SIU Board of Directors (2020)
      Purpose: To determine how members of the Société Internationale d’Urologie (SIU) are continuing their education in the time of COVID-19. Methods: A survey was disseminated amongst SIU members worldwide by email. Results ...
    • Is There a Role for Double J Stent Culture in Contemporary Urology? 

      Kozyrakis D., Perikleous S., Chatzistamou S.-E., Kateris D., Soukias G., Karatzas A., Dimitriadis I. (2018)
      Introduction: To present the incidence of bacterial colonization on ureteral double J stents (DJS); isolate the uropathogens; define the rate of multi-resistant bacteria strains (MRBS) and present their clinical importance. ...