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    • Biodiversity of Cold Seep Ecosystems Along the European Margins 

      Vanreusel, A.; Andersen, A. C.; Boetius, A.; Connelly, D.; Cunha, M. R.; Decker, C.; Hilario, A.; Kormas, K. A.; Maignien, L.; Olu, K.; Pachiadaki, M.; Ritt, B.; Rodrigues, C.; Sarrazin, J.; Tyler, P.; Van Gaever, S.; Vanneste, H. (2009)
      During the European Commission's Framework Six Programme, HERMES, we investigated three main areas along the European margin, each characterized by the presence of seep-related structures exhibiting different intensity of ...
    • Effects of wall roughness on flow in nanochannels 

      Sofos, F. D.; Karakasidis, T. E.; Liakopoulos, A. (2009)
      Nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulation is applied to investigate the effect of periodic wall roughness on the flow of liquid argon through krypton nanochannels. The effect of the length of a rectangular protrusion ...