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dc.creatorPoularakis K., Iosifidis G., Argyriou A., Koutsopoulos I., Tassiulas L.en
dc.description.abstractDistributed caching architectures have been proposed for bringing content close to requesters and the key problem is to design caching algorithms for reducing content delivery delay. The problem obtains an interesting new twist with the advent of advanced layered-video encoding techniques such as Scalable Video Coding (SVC). We show that the problem of finding the caching configuration of video encoding layers that minimizes average delay for a network operator is NP-Hard, and we establish a pseudopolynomial-time optimal solution using a connection with the multiple-choice knapsack problem. We also design caching algorithms for multiple operators that cooperate by pooling together their co-located caches, in an effort to aid each other, so as to avoid large delays due to downloading content from distant servers. We derive an approximate solution to this cooperative caching problem using a technique that partitions the cache capacity into amounts dedicated to own and others' caching needs. Numerical results based on real traces of SVC-encoded videos demonstrate up to 25% reduction in delay over existing (layer-agnostic) caching schemes, with increasing gains as the video popularity distribution gets steeper, and cache capacity increases. © 2016 IEEE.en
dc.sourceProceedings - IEEE INFOCOMen
dc.subjectCache memoryen
dc.subjectCombinatorial optimizationen
dc.subjectEncoding (symbols)en
dc.subjectStatic Var compensatorsen
dc.subjectVideo signal processingen
dc.subjectApproximate solutionen
dc.subjectCooperative cachingen
dc.subjectLayered video encodingen
dc.subjectMultiple choice knapsack problemen
dc.subjectPopularity distributionen
dc.subjectTime-optimal solutionen
dc.subjectScalable video codingen
dc.subjectInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.en
dc.titleCaching and operator cooperation policies for layered video content deliveryen

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