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dc.creatorChristina, S.en
dc.creatorDimitrios, K.en
dc.description.abstractWe have designed, developed and evaluated the educational software entitled "Interaction between objects" within the framework of social constructivism on the basis of the data issued from a preceded research with teachers and pupils of primary and secondary education, in order to remedy pupils' alternative ideas and help them construct scientific knowledge about action-reaction forces. The research was made in three stages: a) exploration of pupils' empirical views (451 Greek pupils aged 11-16, pre-tests with written questionnaires and interviews), b) software's design, development and formative evaluation with 8 pupils (videotaping-interviews) and 15 teachers (written questionnaires), c) software's summative evaluation with 13 teachers (filling of a "diary") and teaching interventions (226 pupils, post-tests with questionnaires- interviews). We found out that the use of this software had positive teaching and learning results and was very effective in pupils' conceptual change.en
dc.subjectDevelopment phasesen
dc.subjectEducational softwareen
dc.subjectNewtonian dynamicsen
dc.subjectTeaching interventionen
dc.subjectComputer softwareen
dc.subjectInformation analysisen
dc.subjectKnowledge engineeringen
dc.subjectLearning systemsen
dc.subjectProblem solvingen
dc.subjectResearch and development managementen
dc.subjectEngineering educationen
dc.titleApplying constructivism for interactive educational software: A research based design, implementation and evaluation methoden

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