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    • Zoning protection models and eco-development areas of Karla, Trikala and the Sporades Islands in Thessaly, Greece 

      Koutseris, E. (2007)
      The E.U. Directive of 92/43 on habitat aims to contribute to the conservation/preservation of biodiversity through the maintenance of habitats and species of wild fauna and flora. Preservation is achieved via the 'Natura ...
    • Zoonotic pathogens associated with Hyalomma aegyptium in endangered tortoises: evidence for host-switching behaviour in ticks? 

      Pastiu, A. I.; Matei, I. A.; Mihalca, A. D.; D'Amico, G.; Dumitrache, M. O.; Kalmar, Z.; Sandor, A. D.; Lefkaditis, M.; Gherman, C. M.; Cozma, V. (2012)
      Background: Hyalomma aegyptium is a hard-tick with a typical three-host life cycle. The main hosts are Palearctic tortoises of genus Testudo. However, other hosts can be used by immature ticks for feeding in natural ...
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      Kitsiou-Tzeli, S.; Manolakos, E.; Lagou, M.; Kontodiou, M.; Kosyakova, N.; Ewers, E.; Weise, A.; Garas, A.; Orru, S.; Liehr, T.; Metaxotou, A. (2009)
      Background: The heterogeneous group of small supernumerary marker chromosomes (sSMCs) presents serious counseling problems, especially if they are present de novo and diagnosed prenatally. The incidence has been estimated ...