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    • An 11- to 15-year clinical outcome study of the Advance Medial Pivot total knee arthroplasty: Pivot knee arthroplasty 

      Karachalios Th., Varitimidis S., Bargiotas K., Hantes M., Roidis N., Malizos K.N. (2016)
      Aims The Advance Medial-Pivot total knee arthroplasty (TKA) was designed to reflect contemporary data regarding the kinematics of the knee. We wished to examine the longterm results obtained with this prosthesis by extending ...
    • A 13- to 16-year clinical and radiological outcome study of the genesis II cruciate retaining total knee arthroplasty with an oxidised zirconium femoral component 

      Papasoulis E., Karachalios T. (2019)
      Purpose: The Genesis II Total Knee Arthroplasty with an oxidized zirconium (OxiniumTM) femoral component (Smith & Nephew, Memphis, TN, USA) was introduced in an attempt to reduce polyethylene wear and osteolysis. Methods: ...
    • A 9-Year Outcome Study Comparing Cancellous Titanium-Coated Cementless to Cemented Tibial Components of a Single Knee Arthroplasty Design 

      Karachalios T., Komnos G., Amprazis V., Antoniou I., Athanaselis S. (2018)
      Background: The cemented Advance Medial-Pivot total knee arthroplasty (TKA) was designed to reflect contemporary knee kinematics data and has shown satisfactory long-term outcomes. Methods: We retrospectively evaluated ...
    • 99mTc sestamibi as a prognostic factor of response to first-line therapy and outcome in patients with malignant lymphoma 

      Spyridonidis, T. J.; Matsouka, P.; Symeonidis, A.; Savvopoulos, C.; Vassilakos, P. J.; Apostolopoulos, D. J. (2013)
      INTRODUCTION: Resistance to chemotherapy poses a major problem in cancer patients. Although of multifactorial origin, some of the implicated mechanisms also interfere with Tc-MIBI uptake and retention in cancer cells. The ...
    • Access of stroke patients' to optimal healthcare technology in Greece: Messages to policy makers 

      Siskou O., Korompoki E., Ntaios G., Tsampalas E., Alexopoulou H., Kalliontzakis I., Kouridaki A., Tountopoulou A., Kouzi I., Vasilopoulou S., Milionis H., Evaggelou H., Karagkiozi E., Hatzitolios A.I., Savopoulos C., Myrou A., Manios E., Mavraganis G., Vemmou A., Kaitelidou D., Galanis P., Papastefanatos S., Konstantakopoulou O., Karagkouni I., Vemmos K. (2020)
      The aim of this study was to evaluate accessibility of stroke patients to optimal healthcare technology in Greece. Methods: The study population consisted of 313 first ever stroke patients derived from the 'Stroke Units ...
    • Accidental acute metabolic acidosis due to inappropriate selection of bicarbonate concentrate 

      Golphinopoulos, S.; Oustabasidou, N.; Liakopoulos, V.; Kiropoulos, T.; Stefanidis, I. (2005)
      Haemodialysis using a bicarbonate concentrate (bicarbonate dialysis) is the treatment modality of choice for correction of metabolic acidosis in chronic renal failure. However, improper ratios of acid and bicarbonate ...
    • Acute limb ischemia and anticoagulation in patients with history of atrial fibrillation 

      Spanos K., Athanasoulas A., Argyriou C., Vassilopoulos I., Giannoukas A.D. (2016)
      BACKGROUND: Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the commonest source of arterial embolization causing acute limb ischemia (ALI). The aim of this study was to assess the adherence of anticoagulation in AF patients and the treatment ...
    • Adenoid cystic carcinoma stage Ib1 treated with radical surgery displaying human papilloma virus 33 (HPV 33): immunoelectron microscopy and review 

      Daponte, A.; Grayson, W.; Moisuc, D.; Ebrahim, S.; Guidozzi, F. (2003)
      BACKGROUND: The presence of human papilloma virus (HPV) 33 and possible myoepithelial differentiation in an adenoid cystic carcinoma of the cervix (ACC) Ib1 and the clinical outcome are reported. CASE: The case is an ACC, ...
    • Adenotonsillectomy to treat obstructive sleep apnea: Is it enough? 

      Boudewyns A., Abel F., Alexopoulos E., Evangelisti M., Kaditis A., Miano S., Villa M.P., Verhulst S.L. (2017)
      Although adenotonsillectomy is the first line treatment for children with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (0SAS),1 improvement in objectively documented outcomes is often inadequate and a substantial number of children ...
    • Adhesion Prevention to Polypropylene Meshes Using Combined Icodextrin Four Percent and Dimetindene Maleate 

      Bouliaris K., Asprodini E., Liakos P., Diamantis A., Koukoulis G., Befani C., Tzika S., Tepetes K. (2019)
      Background: The use of surgical meshes in ventral hernia repair has significantly reduced hernia recurrence rates. However, when placed intraperitoneally prosthetic materials can trigger the development of peritoneal ...
    • Administration of low-molecular-weight heparin in patients with two or more unsuccessful IVF/ICSI cycles: a multicenter cohort study 

      Siristatidis C., Dafopoulos K., Salamalekis G., Galazios G., Christoforidis N., Moustakarias T., Koutlaki N., Bouschanetzis C., Loutradis D., Drakakis P. (2018)
      To compare the effects of the administration of low-molecular-weight heparin (LMWH) in subfertile patients with two or more unsuccessful IVF/ICSI cycles. In this six-center two-arm retrospective cohort study, the study ...
    • Aerobic exercise for adult patients with major depressive disorder in mental health services: A systematic review and meta-analysis 

      Morres I.D., Hatzigeorgiadis A., Stathi A., Comoutos N., Arpin-Cribbie C., Krommidas C., Theodorakis Y. (2019)
      Although exercise is associated with depression relief, the effects of aerobic exercise (AE) interventions on clinically depressed adult patients have not been clearly supported. The purpose of this meta-analysis was to ...
    • Amiodarone plus Ranolazine for Conversion of Post-Cardiac Surgery Atrial Fibrillation: Enhanced Effectiveness in Reduced Versus Preserved Ejection Fraction Patients 

      Simopoulos V., Hevas A., Hatziefthimiou A., Dipla K., Skoularigis I., Tsilimingas N., Aidonidis I. (2018)
      Purpose: Ranolazine (RAN) added to amiodarone (AMIO) has been shown to accelerate termination of postoperative atrial fibrillation (POAF) following coronary artery bypass surgery in patients without heart failure (HF). ...
    • Angiotensin receptor-neprilysin inhibition in patients with acute decompensated heart failure: an expert consensus position paper 

      Ntalianis A., Chrysohoou C., Giannakoulas G., Giamouzis G., Karavidas A., Naka A., Papadopoulos C.H., Patsilinakos S., Parissis J., Tziakas D., Kanakakis J. (2022)
      The short-term mortality and rehospitalization rates after admission for acute heart failure (AHF) remain high, despite the high level of adherence to contemporary practice guidelines. Observational data from non-randomized ...
    • Anticoagulant selection in relation to the SAMe-TT2R2 score in patients with atrial fibrillation: The GLORIA-AF registry 

      Ntaios G., Huisman M.V., Diener H.-C., Halperin J.L., Teutsch C., Marler S., Gurusamy V.K., Thompson M., Lip G.Y.H., Olshansky B., Abban D.W., Abdul N., Abud A.M., Adams F., Addala S., Adragão P., Ageno W., Aggarwal R., Agosti S., Agostoni P., Aguilar F., Linares J.A., Aguinaga L., Ahmed J., Aiello A., Ainsworth P., Aiub J.R., Al-Dallow R., Alderson L., Aldrete Velasco J.A., Alexopoulos D., Manterola F.A., Aliyar P., Alonso D., Alves da Costa F.A., Amado J., Amara W., Amelot M., Amjadi N., Ammirati F., Andrade M., Andrawis N., Annoni G., Ansalone G., Ariani M.K., Arias J.C., Armero S., Arora C., Aslam M.S., Asselman M., Audouin P., Augenbraun C., Aydin S., Ayryanova I., Aziz E., Backes L.M., Badings E., Bagni E., Baker S.H., Bala R., Baldi A., Bando S., Banerjee S., Bank A., Esquivias G.B., Barr C., Bartlett M., Kes V.B., Baula G., Behrens S., Bell A., Benedetti R., Mazuecos J.B., Benhalima B., Bergler-Klein J., Berneau J.-B., Bernstein R.A., Berrospi P., Berti S., Berz A., Best E., Bettencourt P., Betzu R., Bhagwat R., Bhatta L., Biscione F., BISIGNANI G., Black T., Bloch M.J., Bloom S., Blumberg E., Bo M., Bøhmer E., Bollmann A., Bongiorni M.G., Boriani G., Boswijk D.J., Bott J., Bottacchi E., Kalan M.B., Bradman D., Brautigam D., Breton N., Brouwers P.J.A.M., Browne K., Cortada J.B., Bruni A., Brunschwig C., Buathier H., Buhl A., Bullinga J., Cabrera J.W., Caccavo A., Cai S., Caine S., Calò L., Calvi V., Sánchez M.C., Candeias R., Capuano V., Capucci A., Caputo R., Rizo T.C., Cardona F., Carlos da Costa Darrieux F., Duarte Vera Y.C., Carolei A., Carreño S., Carvalho P., Cary S., Casu G., Cavallini C., Cayla G., Celentano A., Cha T.-J., Cha K.S., Chae J.K., Chalamidas K., Challappa K., Chand S.P., Chandrashekar H., Chartier L., Chatterjee K., Chavez Ayala C.A., Cheema A., Cheema A., Chen L., Chen S.-A., Chen J.H., Chiang F.-T., Chiarella F., Chih-Chan L., Cho Y.K., Choi J.-I., Choi D.J., Chouinard G., Hoi-Fan Chow D., Chrysos D., Chumakova G., José Roberto Chuquiure Valenzuela E.J., Nica N.C., Cislowski D.J., Clay A., Clifford P., Cohen A., Cohen M., Cohen S., Colivicchi F., Collins R., Colonna P., Compton S., Connolly D., Conti A., Buenostro G.C., Coodley G., Cooper M., Coronel J., Corso G., Sales J.C., Cottin Y., Covalesky J., Cracan A., Crea F., Crean P., Crenshaw J., Cullen T., Darius H., Dary P., Dascotte O., Dauber I., Davalos V., Davies R., Davis G., Davy J.-M., Dayer M., De Biasio M., De Bonis S., De Caterina R., De Franceschi T., de Groot J.R., De Horta J., De La Briolle A., Topete G.D.L.P., Vicenzo de Paola A.A., de Souza W., de Veer A., De Wolf L., Decoulx E., Deepak S., Defaye P., Del-Carpio Munoz F., Brkljacic D.D., Deumite N.J., Di Legge S., Diemberger I., Dietz D., Dionísio P., Dong Q., Rossi dos Santos F., Dotcheva E., Doukky R., D'Souza A., Dubrey S., Ducrocq X., Dupljakov D., Duque M., Dutta D., Duvilla N., Duygun A., Dziewas R., Eaton C.B., Eaves W., Ebels-Tuinbeek L.A., Ehrlich C., Eichinger-Hasenauer S., Eisenberg S.J., El Jabali A., El Shahawy M., Hernandes M.E., Izal A.E., Evonich R., III, Evseeva O., Ezhov A., Fahmy R., Fang Q., Farsad R., Fauchier L., Favale S., Fayard M., Fedele J.L., Fedele F., Fedorishina O., Fera S.R., Gomes Ferreira L.G., Ferreira J., Ferri C., Ferrier A., Ferro H., Finsen A., First B., Fischer S., Fonseca C., Almeida L.F., Forman S., Frandsen B., French W., Friedman K., Friese A., Fruntelata A.G., Fujii S., Fumagalli S., Fundamenski M., Furukawa Y., Gabelmann M., Gabra N., Gadsbøll N., Galinier M., Gammelgaard A., Ganeshkumar P., Gans C., Quintana A.G., Gartenlaub O., Gaspardone A., Genz C., Georger F., Georges J.-L., Georgeson S., Giedrimas E., Gierba M., Ortega I.G., Gillespie E., Giniger A., Giudici M.C., Gkotsis A., Glotzer T.V., Gmehling J., Gniot J., Goethals P., Goldbarg S., Goldberg R., Goldmann B., Golitsyn S., Gómez S., Mesa J.G., Gonzalez V.B., Gonzalez Hermosillo J.A., González López V.M., Gorka H., Gornick C., Gorog D., Gottipaty V., Goube P., Goudevenos I., Graham B., Greer G.S., Gremmler U., Grena P.G., Grond M., Gronda E., Grönefeld G., Gu X., Torres Torres I.G., Guardigli G., Guevara C., Guignier A., Gulizia M., Gumbley M., Günther A., Ha A., Hahalis G., Hakas J., Hall C., Han B., Han S., Hargrove J., Hargroves D., Harris K.B., Haruna T., Hayek E., Healey J., Hearne S., Heffernan M., Heggelund G., Heijmeriks J.A., Hemels M., Hendriks I., Henein S., Her S.-H., Hermany P., Hernández Del Río J.E., Higashino Y., Hill M., Hisadome T., Hishida E., Hoffer E., Hoghton M., Hong K., Hong S.K., Horbach S., Horiuchi M., Hou Y., Hsing J., Huang C.-H., Huckins D., kathy Hughes, Huizinga A., Hulsman E.L., Hung K.-C., Hwang G.-S., Ikpoh M., Imberti D., Ince H., Indolfi C., Inoue S., Irles D., Iseki H., Israel C.N., Iteld B., Iyer V., Jackson-Voyzey E., Jaffrani N., Jäger F., James M., Jang S.-W., Jaramillo N., Jarmukli N., Jeanfreau R.J., Jenkins R.D., Sánchez C.J., Jimenez J., Jobe R., Joen-Jakobsen T., Jones N., Moura Jorge J.C., Jouve B., Jung B.C., Jung K.T., Jung W., Kachkovskiy M., Kafkala K., Kalinina L., Kallmünzer B., Kamali F., Kamo T., Kampus P., Kashou H., Kastrup A., Katsivas A., Kaufman E., Kawai K., Kawajiri K., Kazmierski J.F., Keeling P., Kerr Saraiva J.F., Ketova G., Khaira A.S., Khripun A., Kim D.-I., Kim Y.H., Kim N.H., Kim D.K., Kim J.S., Kim J.S., Kim K.S., Kim J.B., Kinova E., Klein A., Kmetzo J.J., Kneller G.L., Knezevic A., Angela Koh S.M., Koide S., Kollias A., Kooistra J.A., Koons J., Koschutnik M., Kostis W.J., Kovacic D., Kowalczyk J., Koziolova N., Kraft P., Kragten J.A., Krantz M., Krause L., Krenning B.J., Krikke F., Kromhout Z., Krysiak W., Kumar P., Kümler T., Kuniss M., Kuo J.-Y., Küppers A., Kurrelmeyer K., Kwak C.H., Laboulle B., Labovitz A., Lai W.T., Lam A., Lam Y.Y., Zanetti F.L., Landau C., Landini G., Figueiredo E.L., Larsen T., Lavandier K., LeBlanc J., Lee M.H., Lee C.-H., Lehman J., Leitão A., Lellouche N., Lelonek M., Lenarczyk R., Lenderink T., González S.L., Leong-Sit P., Leschke M., Ley N., Li Z., Li X., Li W., Li X., Lichy C., Lieber I., Limon Rodriguez R.H., Lin H., Liu F., Liu H., Esperon G.L., Navarro N.L., Lo E., Lokshyn S., López A., López-Sendón J.L., Lorga Filho A.M., Lorraine R.S., Luengas C.A., Luke R., Luo M., Lupovitch S., Lyrer P., Ma C., Ma G., Madariaga I., Maeno K., Magnin D., Maid G., Mainigi S.K., Makaritsis K., Malhotra R., Manning R., Manolis A., Manrique Hurtado H.A., Mantas I., Jattin F.M., Maqueda V., Marchionni N., Ortuno F.M., Santana A.M., Martinez J., Maskova P., Hernandez N.M., Matsuda K., Maurer T., Mauro C., May E., Mayer N., McClure J., McCormack T., McGarity W., McIntyre H., McLaurin B., Medina Palomino F.A., Melandri F., Meno H., Menzies D., Mercader M., Meyer C., Meyer B.J., Miarka J., Mibach F., Michalski D., Michel P., Chreih R.M., Mikdadi G., Mikus M., Milicic D., Militaru C., Minaie S., Minescu B., Mintale I., Mirault T., Mirro M.J., Mistry D., Miu N.V., Miyamoto N., Moccetti T., Mohammed A., Nor A.M., Mollerus M., Molon 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Tesloianu D., The S.H.K., Thomas D., Timsit S., Tobaru T., Tomasik A.R., Torosoff M., Touze E., Trendafilova E., Tsai W.K., Tse H.F., Tsutsui H., Tu T.M., Tuininga Y., Turakhia M., Turk S., Tcurner W., Tveit A., Tytus R., Valadão C., van Bergen P.F.M.M., van de Borne P., van den Berg B.J., van der Zwaan C., Van Eck M., Vanacker P., Vasilev D., Vasilikos V., Vasilyev M., Veerareddy S., Miño M.V., Venkataraman A., Verdecchia P., Versaci F., Vester E.G., Vial H., Victory J., Villamil A., Vincent M., Vlastaris A., Dahl J.V., Vora K., Vranian R.B., Wakefield P., Wang N., Wang M., Wang X., Wang F., Wang T., Warner A.L., Watanabe K., Wei J., Weimar C., Weiner S., Weinrich R., Wen M.-S., Wiemer M., Wiggers P., Wilke A., Williams D., Williams M.L., Witzenbichler B., Wong B., Lawrence Wong K.S., Wozakowska-Kaplon B., Wu S., Wu R.C., Wunderlich S., Wyatt N., Wylie J.J., Xu Y., Xu X., Yamanoue H., Yamashita T., Bryan Yan P.Y., Yang T., Yao J., Yeh K.-H., Yin W.H., Yotov Y., Zahn R., Zarich S., Zenin S., Zeuthen E.L., Zhang H., Zhang D., Zhang X., Zhang P., Zhang J., Zhao S.P., Zhao Y., Zhao Z., Zheng Y., Zhou J., Zimmermann S., Zini A., Zizzo S., Zong W., Zukerman L.S., the GLORIA-AF Investigators (2021)
      Aim: The SAMe-TT2R2 score helps identify patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) likely to have poor anticoagulation control during anticoagulation with vitamin K antagonists (VKA) and those with scores >2 might be better ...
    • Anticoagulation after Stroke in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation: To Bridge or Not with Low-Molecular-Weight Heparin? 

      Altavilla R., Caso V., Bandini F., Agnelli G., Tsivgoulis G., Yaghi S., Furie K.L., Tadi P., Becattini C., Zedde M., Abdul-Rahim A.H., Lees K.R., Alberti A., Venti M., Acciarresi M., D'Amore C., Giulia Mosconi M., Anna Cimini L., Fusaro J., Bovi P., Carletti M., Rigatelli A., Cappellari M., Putaala J., Tomppo L., Tatlisumak T., Marcheselli S., Pezzini A., Poli L., Padovani A., Masotti L., Vannucchi V., Sohn S.-I., Lorenzini G., Tassi R., Guideri F., Acampa M., Martini G., Ntaios G., Athanasakis G., Makaritsis K., Karagkiozi E., Vadikolias K., Liantinioti C., Chondrogianni M., Mumoli N., Consoli D., Galati F., Sacco S., Carolei A., Tiseo C., Corea F., Ageno W., Bellesini M., Silvestrelli G., Ciccone A., Lanari A., Scoditti U., Denti L., Mancuso M., MacCarrone M., Ulivi L., Orlandi G., Giannini N., Gialdini G., Tassinari T., De Lodovici M.L., Bono G., Rueckert C., Baldi A., D'Anna S., Toni D., Letteri F., Giuntini M., Lotti E.M., Flomin Y., Pieroni A., Kargiotis O., Karapanayiotides T., Monaco S., Baronello M.M., Csiba L., Szabó L., Chiti A., Giorli E., Del Sette M., Imberti D., Zabzuni D., Doronin B., Volodina V., Michel P., Vanacker P., Barlinn K., Pallesen L.-P., Barlinn J., Deleu D., Melikyan G., Ibrahim F., Akhtar N., Gourbali V., Paciaroni M. (2019)
      Background and Purpose-Bridging therapy with low-molecular-weight heparin reportedly leads to a worse outcome for acute cardioembolic stroke patients because of a higher incidence of intracerebral bleeding. However, this ...
    • Antiplatelet Resistance in Ischaemic Stroke Patients 

      Spanos K., Kouvelos G., Matsagkas M., Giannoukas A.D. (2017)
      [No abstract available]
    • Aplasia cutis congenita: Successful conservative treatment 

      Skoufi, G.; Lialios, G.; Plachouras, N.; Kutsogiannis, D.; Mperis, A. (2006)
    • Apremilast increases IL-10-producing regulatory B cells and decreases proinflammatory T cells and innate cells in psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis 

      Mavropoulos A., Zafiriou E., Simopoulou T., Brotis A.G., Liaskos C., Roussaki-Schulze A., Katsiari C.G., Bogdanos D.P., Sakkas L.I. (2019)
      Objectives: Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) and psoriasis are immune-mediated inflammatory diseases sharing common immunological mechanisms. Regulatory B cells (Breg cells) producing IL-10 (B10 cells), a critical anti-inflammatory ...
    • Arthroscopic Single-Row Versus Double-Row Suture Bridge Technique for Rotator Cuff Tears in Patients Younger Than 55 Years: A Prospective Comparative Study 

      Hantes M.E., Ono Y., Raoulis V.A., Doxariotis N., Venouziou A., Zibis A., Vlychou M. (2018)
      Background: When arthroscopic rotator cuff repair is performed on a young patient, long-lasting structural and functional tendon integrity is desired. A fixation technique that potentially provides superior tendon healing ...