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    • Effects of wall roughness on flow in nanochannels 

      Sofos, F. D.; Karakasidis, T. E.; Liakopoulos, A. (2009)
      Nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulation is applied to investigate the effect of periodic wall roughness on the flow of liquid argon through krypton nanochannels. The effect of the length of a rectangular protrusion ...
    • Magnetic field effect on the cooling of a low-Pr fluid in a vertical cylinder 

      Sarris, I. E.; Iatridis, A. I.; Dritselis, C. D.; Vlachos, N. S. (2010)
      Results of direct numerical simulations are presented for the transient and turbulent natural convection cooling of an initially isothermal quiescent liquid metal placed in a vertical cylinder in the presence of a vertical ...
    • Simulations of insonated contrast agents: Saturation and transient break-up 

      Tsigklifis, K.; Pelekasis, N. A. (2013)
      Under insonation contrast agents are known to perform nonlinear pulsations and deform statically, in the form of buckling, or dynamically via parametric mode excitation, and often exhibit jetting and break-up like bubbles ...