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    • Cache consistency in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks 

      Dimokas, N.; Katsaros, D.; Manolopoulos, Y. (2010)
      The production of cheap CMOS cameras, which are able to capture rich multimedia content, combined with the creation of low-power circuits, gave birth to what is called Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSNs). WMSNs ...
    • CDNsim: A Simulation Tool for Content Distribution Networks 

      Stamos, K.; Pallis, G.; Vakali, A.; Katsaros, D.; Sidiropoulos, A.; Manolopoulos, Y. (2010)
      Content distribution networks (CDNs) have gained considerable attention in the past few years. Hence there is need for developing frameworks for carrying out CDN simulations. In this article we present a modeling and ...