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    • The deletion operation in xBR-trees 

      Roumelis, G.; Vassilakopoulos, M.; Corral, A. (2012)
      In order to design a spatial index, the most important operations are: insertion, deletion and search. We focus on the deletion operation over the xBR-tree, a spatial data secondary memory structure that belongs to the ...
    • An efficient flash-aware spatial index for points 

      Carniel A.C., Roumelis G., Ciferri R.R., Vassilakopoulos M., Corral A., Ciferri C.D.deA. (2018)
      Spatial database systems often employ spatial indices to speed up the processing of spatial queries. In addition, modern spatial database applications are interested in exploiting the positive characteristics of flash-based ...
    • Nearest Neighbor Algorithms using xBR-Trees 

      Roumelis, G.; Vassilakopoulos, M.; Corral, A. (2011)
      One of the common queries in spatial databases is the (K) Nearest Neighbor Query that discovers the (K) closest objects to a query object. Processing of spatial queries, in most cases, is accomplished by indexing spatial ...