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    • Digital Twins and Cyber Security - solution or challenge? 

      Holmes D., Papathanasaki M., Maglaras L., Ferrag M.A., Nepal S., Janicke H. (2021)
      Digital twin technology today is diverse and emerging and its full potential is not yet widely understood. The concept of a digital twin allows for the analysis, design, optimisation and evolution of systems to take place ...
    • Smart devices security enhancement via power supply monitoring 

      Myridakis D., Spathoulas G., Kakarountas A., Schinianakis D. (2020)
      The continuous growth of the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and their inclusion to public and private infrastructures has introduced new applciations to the market and our day-to-day life. At the same time, ...
    • ZKPs: Does this make the cut? Recent advances and success of zero-knowledge security protocols 

      Kassaras S., Maglaras L. (2020)
      How someone can get health insurance without sharing his health information? How you can get a loan without disclosing your credit score? There is a method to certify certain attributes of various data, either this is ...