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    • Incubation experiments on net nitrogen mineralization in organic Greek soils 

      Charoulis, A.; Karyotis, T.; Mitsios, J. (2005)
      Aerobic incubation experiments were conducted in organic surface samples collected from arable soils of Philippoi, in Northern Greece. Laboratory experiments were carried out to investigate the nitrogen (N) mineralized ...

      Mitsios, J.; Dimirkou, A.; Ioannou, A.; Paschalidis, C.; Doula, M. (1994)
      The one- and two-surface Langmuir, the Freundlich and the Temkin isotherms were fitted to potassium sorption data for Alfisol Haploxeralf at pH range of 4.0 to 8.0. Each was found to describe potassium sorption data with ...