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    • Ceria promoted Pd/C catalysts for glucose electrooxidation in alkaline media 

      Song, S. Q.; Wang, K.; Yan, L. L.; Brouzgou, A.; Zhang, Y. L.; Wang, Y.; Tsiakaras, P. (2015)
      Carbon support materials are modified by CeO2 through a microwave decomposition method, and then CeO2-C supported Pd catalysts are synthesized by a pulse microwave assisted polyol method. The content of CeO2 is appropriately ...
    • Direct ethanol PEM fuel cells: The case of platinum based anodes 

      Song, S. Q.; Zhou, W. J.; Zhou, Z. H.; Jiang, L. H.; Sun, G. Q.; Xin, Q.; Leontidis, V.; Kontou, S.; Tsiakaras, P. (2005)
      PtSn/C catalysts were prepared by the direct decoration of Pt/C with Sn through a modified poly process. XRD results showed there existed obvious SnO2 in this catalyst, different from the PtSn/C prepared by co-precipitation, ...
    • Glucose electrooxidation over PdxRh/C electrocatalysts in alkaline medium 

      Brouzgou, A.; Yan, L. L.; Song, S. Q.; Tsiakaras, P. (2014)
      Carbon Vulcan XC-72R supported PdxRh (x = 1, 2, 3) nanoparticles have been prepared by a modified pulse microwave assisted polyol method and have been studied for glucose electrooxidation in alkaline media. The PdxRh/C ...