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    • Deposition of refractory coatings by LCVD 

      Zergioti, I.; Zervaki, A.; Hatziapostolou, A.; Haidemenopoulos, G.; Hontzopoulos, E. (1995)
      TiC layers have been successfully deposited locally on tool steel specimens and real small industrial tools in order to improve their mechanical and corrosion properties. TiC films have been produced by the pyrolytic laser ...

      McIntosh, J.; Zervaki, A.; Papadimitriou, K.; Haidemenopoulos, G. N.; Manousaki, A.; Zergioti, G.; Hontzopoulos, E. (1993)
      An application of the excimer laser in the area of material characterization making use of its ablative ability to perform surface sulphur printing is presented. It is shown that the differential ablative and surface melting ...
    • Fracture behavior of bimetallic Al-Cu LBW joints 

      Haidemenopoulos, G. N.; Zervaki, A. D.; Kamoutsi, H.; Hontzopoulos, E.; Mangana, F. (2013)
      Pulsed laser spot welding of copper tubing to aluminum sheet is currently used for the construction of solar thermal absorbers. The bimetallic joints should withstand high thermal stresses during the operation of the ...
    • Pyrolytic laser-based chemical vapour deposition of TiC coatings 

      Zergioti, I.; Hatziapostolou, A.; Hontzopoulos, E.; Zervaki, A.; Haidemenopoulos, G. N. (1995)
      TiC layers have been successfully deposited locally on D2 tool steel specimens and miniature industrial tools with the aim to improve their mechanical and chemical surface properties. The deposition process was based on a ...
    • Time resolved and spectral analysis of solar absorber Cu-Al and Al-Al laser weld emission 

      Siozos, P.; Zervaki, A. D.; Kamoutsi, H.; Haidemenopoulos, G. N.; Anglos, D.; Magana, T.; Hontzopoulos, E. (2013)