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    • Drug-induced endocrinopathies and diabetes: A combo-endocrinology overview 

      Diamanti-Kandarakis E., Duntas L., Kanakis G.A., Kandaraki E., Karavitaki N., Kassi E., Livadas S., Mastorakos G., Migdalis I., Miras A.D., Nader S., Papalou O., Poladian R., Popovic V., Rachoń D., Tigas S., Tsigos C., Tsilchorozidou T., Tzotzas T., Bargiota A., Pfeifer M., on behalf of COMBO ENDO TEAM: 2018 (2019)
      In the currently overwhelming era of polypharmacy, the balance of the dynamic and delicate endocrine system can easily be disturbed by interfering pharmaceutical agents like medications. Drugs can cause endocrine abnormalities ...
    • Without exceeding the limits: industrial soil rich in Zn and Cd has no effect on purslane and lettuce but promotes geranium growth 

      Levizou E., Antoniadis V., Papatheodorou S. (2016)
      The aims of the study were (a) the assessment of growth and physiological response of a weed/alternative crop (purslane), an ornamental plant (geranium) and an edible vegetable (lettuce) to Zn- and Cd-contaminated industrial ...