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    • The educative and scalable functions of authoring tools to support inquiry-based science learning 

      Asher, I.; Nasser, S.; Ganaim, L.; Tabak, I.; Kollias, V.; Kyza, E. A.; Nicolaidou, I.; Terzian, F.; Hadjichambis, A.; Kafouris, D.; Redfors, A.; Hansson, L.; Rosberg, M.; Schanze, S.; Saballus, U. (2010)
      Specialized authoring tools enable non-programmers to develop computer-based learning environments that reflect a particular task model. Large-scale implementation of novel but pedagogically sound environments is made ...
    • Increasing International Capacity for CSCL: CoReflect, an example of sharing and adapting CSCL environments across europe 

      Tabak, I.; Asher, I.; Nasser, S.; Kyza, E. A.; Herodotou, C.; Nicolaido, I.; Redfors, A.; Hansson, L.; Rosberg, M.; Oldershaw, C.; Constantinou, C.; Van Der Meij, H.; Schanze, S.; Kollias, V. (2011)
      We report on differences in collaborative processes that took place when CSCL environments originally developed in one European country were adapted and enacted in another European country as part of the Digital Support ...
    • Participatory design to support students' web-based inquiry of complex, socio-scientific problems 

      Nicolaidou, I.; Kyza, E.; Michael, G.; Papadouris, N.; Constantinou, C.; Kolias, V.; Davaris, T.; Asher, I.; Tabak, I.; Redfors, A.; Hansson, L.; Rosberg, M.; Oldershaw, C. (2010)
      This poster presents five, multilingual, web-based learning environments (LEs) that have been designed using the learning and teaching platform of STOCHASMOS as part of the CoReflect FP7 project. CoReflect brought together ...