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dc.creatorZourbanos, N.en
dc.creatorJamurtas, A.en
dc.creatorStaveri, E.en
dc.creatorHatzigeorgiadis, A.en
dc.creatorTheodorakis, Y.en
dc.description.abstractIt is commonly accepted that excessive alcohol consumption has harmful effects on the human organism, which are associated with serious health problems. In the present article studies are presented that refer to the positive effects of physical exercise on the treatment of alcohol abuse. Possible psychological and psychosocial mechanisms that contribute to the action of physical exercise are presented and emphasis is given to the role of ,-endorphin in alcoholism and the possible relationship between physical exercise and alcohol urges. Overall, although research evidence is scant, physical exercise seems to help in alcohol abstinence, as an adjunctive strategy, during and after alcohol abuse treatment.en
dc.subjectAlcohol abuseen
dc.subjectPhysical exerciseen
dc.titlePhysical exercise as strategy in alcohol abuse treatmenten

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