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dc.creatorTsokalidou, R.en
dc.description.abstractThis paper presents the results of a research project involving bilingual children in selected primary schools in Volos, Greece, focusing mainly on the findings that have led to the proposal of two class activities, with the aim of promoting 'bilingual awareness' in primary schools. The activities are the creation of 'The bilingual portrait' and the use of the children's book titled My First Book on Bilingitalistn, which was produced in order to help teachers in their efforts to raise awareness in relation to bilingualism in their multilingual classes. The research project in question took place during the school year 2002-2003, while co-operation with some of the teachers involved still continues, as the implementation of the research findings necessitates on-going efforts to turn theoretical issues on bilingualism into specific classroom activities. Both 'The bilingual portrait' and My First Book on Bilingualism, initiatives and practices suitable for first and second grade primary school children, provide an opportunity for teachers, children and parents alike to realise some of the important benefits of our multilingual Greek reality, both in and outside the school environment.en
dc.subjectAdvantages of bilingualismen
dc.subjectBilingual awarenessen
dc.subjectClassroom activitiesen
dc.titleRaising 'bilingual awareness' in Greek primary schoolsen

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