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dc.creatorMarianthi, B.en
dc.creatorCharilaos, T.en
dc.description.abstractThe present research aims at investigating and recording teachers views on the use of I.C.Ts and their effect on the teaching of reading and writing skills of E.S.P. courses. Nine English teachers participated in the research, conducted with the qualitative method with the help of personal, semi-structured interviews. The results revealed that the use of I.C.Ts (educational software, C s, s, videos, e-mails, skype, internet) contributed to the improvement of students reading and writing skills, educating, informing and entertaining them, through a contemporary, updated and authentic material, which manages to link up E.S.P teaching and contemporary market needs. Furthermore, the instructive scenarios, based on contemporary working environments and the use of I.C.Ts enhanced significantly students interest and active participation in the teaching process. © 2011 IEEE.en
dc.subjectEnglish for Specific Purposesen
dc.subjectICT in educationen
dc.subjectinstructive scenariosen
dc.subjectreading skillsen
dc.subjectwriting skillsen
dc.subjectEducational softwareen
dc.subjectMarket needsen
dc.subjectQualitative methoden
dc.subjectSemi structured interviewsen
dc.subjectTeaching processen
dc.subjectWorking environmenten
dc.subjectC (programming language)en
dc.titleHow effective is the use of I.C.Ts in the teaching of reading and writing skills in english for specific purposes? A case study with instructive scenariosen

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