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dc.creatorKilindris, T. V.en
dc.creatorTheodorou, K.en
dc.description.abstractPatient anatomy, biochemical response, as well functional evaluation at organ level, are key fields that produce a significant amount of multi modal information during medical diagnosis. Visualization, processing, and storage of the acquired data sets are essential tasks in everyday medical practice. In order to perform complex processing that involves or rely on image data a robust as well versatile data structure was used as extension of the Visualization Toolkit (VTK). The proposed structure serves as a universal registration container for acquired information and post processed resulted data. The structure is a dynamic multidimensional data holder to host several modalities and/or Meta data like fused image sets, extracted features (volumetric, surfaces, edges) providing a universal coordinate system used for calculations and geometric processes. A case study of Treatment Planning System (TPS) in the stereotactic radiotherapy (RT) based on the proposed structure is discussed as an efficient medical application. © 2009, IGI Global.en
dc.sourceHandbook of Research on Advanced Techniques in Diagnostic Imaging and Biomedical Applicationsen
dc.titleCombining geometry and image in biomedical systems: The RT TPS caseen

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