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dc.creatorArgyriou, A.en
dc.description.abstractIn this letter we consider the problem of linear distributed estimation (DES) of a random parameter in a wireless body sensor network (BSN). We propose a novel architecture, and an associated optimization model, for DES in BSNs that is based on the deployment of a body-coupled communication (BCC) network that allows the nodes to communicate through the human body. BCC allows optimized data collection and on-body sensor fusion. The implications of our DES architecture for BSNs are significant savings in energy consumption and spectrum utilization. © 2012 IEEE.en
dc.sourceIEEE Wireless Communications Lettersen
dc.subjectbody coupled communicationen
dc.subjectParameter estimationen
dc.subjectwireless body sensor networksen
dc.subjectEnergy utilizationen
dc.subjectNetwork architectureen
dc.subjectSensor data fusionen
dc.subjectWearable sensorsen
dc.subjectWireless sensor networksen
dc.subjectBody Coupled Communicationsen
dc.subjectDistributed estimationen
dc.subjectNovel architectureen
dc.subjectOptimization modelingen
dc.subjectRandom parametersen
dc.subjectSpectrum efficienten
dc.subjectSpectrum utilizationen
dc.subjectBody sensor networksen
dc.titleEnergy and Spectrum Efficient Parameter Estimation in Wireless Body Sensor Networksen

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