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dc.creatorApostolos, D.en
dc.creatorChristina, S.en
dc.description.abstractThis study refers to Greek primary school students' conceptions regarding volcanoes, earthquakes and safety measures, as well as to the evolution of these conceptions after students' participation in a constructivistcollaborative teaching sequence with the use of Information Computer Technology (ICT). We first detected students' initial ideas on the Earth's interior structure by using a pre-test written questionnaire. Then we planned a 3-hour cross-curricular teaching sequence using computer simulations and other ICT tools as well as special worksheets, in order to help students construct appropriate knowledge about the subject. A total of 50 fifth and sixth grade Greek primary school students participated. The qualitative and quantitative analysis of the students' answers in the pre- and post-test questionnaires revealed that the special teaching sequence had positive results. It was clear that the collaborative and constructivist learning environment, with the use of ICT, contributed to the achievement of the goals.en
dc.subjectCollaborative learningen
dc.subjectEarthquakes-volcanoes-safety measuresen
dc.subjectICT useen
dc.subjectPrimary school studentsen
dc.subjectSoftware/web simulationsen
dc.subjectComputer technologiesen
dc.subjectConstructivist learningen
dc.subjectEarth's interiorsen
dc.subjectQualitative and quantitative analysisen
dc.subjectCivil defenseen
dc.subjectLaw enforcementen
dc.titleLearning about earthquakes - Volcanoes and safety measures with the use of ICT in primary schoolen

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