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dc.creatorAnastasopoulos, M. P.en
dc.creatorTzanakaki, A.en
dc.creatorRofoee, B.en
dc.creatorPeng, S.en
dc.creatorZervas, G.en
dc.creatorSimeonidou, D.en
dc.creatorLandi, G.en
dc.creatorBernini, G.en
dc.creatorCiulli, N.en
dc.creatorRiera, J. F.en
dc.creatorEscalona, E.en
dc.creatorGarcia-Espin, J. A.en
dc.creatorKatsalis, K.en
dc.creatorKorakis, T.en
dc.description.abstractThis paper proposes a next generation ubiquitous converged infrastructure to support Cloud and mobile Cloud computing services. The proposed infrastructure facilitates interconnection of fixed and mobile end users with computational resources through a heterogeneous network integrating optical metro and wireless access networks. To satisfy the low-latency requirements of content-rich mobile applications, a novel stochastic virtual infrastructure planning model that takes a holistic approach considering jointly the network and computational resources is presented. Our modelling results identify trends and trade-offs related to end-to-end service delay, resource requirements and energy consumption levels of the infrastructure across the various technology domains under traffic uncertainty. © 2014 IEEE.en
dc.subjectEnergy utilizationen
dc.subjectHeterogeneous networksen
dc.subjectMobile cloud computingen
dc.subjectStochastic modelsen
dc.subjectStochastic systemsen
dc.subjectComputational resourcesen
dc.subjectEnergy consumption levelsen
dc.subjectMobile applicationsen
dc.subjectResource requirementsen
dc.subjectTraffic uncertaintiesen
dc.subjectVarious technologiesen
dc.subjectVirtual Infrastructure Planningen
dc.subjectWireless access networksen
dc.subjectUncertainty analysisen
dc.titlePlanning of dynamic mobile optical virtual network infrastructures supporting cloud servicesen

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