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  • Analysis of MC1R genetic variation in Lepus species in Mediterranean refugia 

    Koutsogiannouli, E. A.; Moutou, K. A.; Stamatis, C.; Mamuris, Z. (2012)
    A study on the inter- and intraspecies variation of MC1R gene was performed in Lepus species inhabiting the Mediterranean basin (L granatansis, L europaeus, L. corsicanus, L castroviejoi and L mediterraneus) and their ...
  • Polarisation of Major Histocompatibility Complex II Host Genotype with Pathogenesis of European Brown Hare Syndrome Virus 

    Iacovakis, C.; Mamuris, Z.; Moutou, K. A.; Touloudi, A.; Hammer, A. S.; Valiakos, G.; Giannoulis, T.; Stamatis, C.; Spyrou, V.; Athanasiou, L. V.; Kantere, M.; Asferg, T.; Giannakopoulos, A.; Salomonsen, C. M.; Bogdanos, D.; Birtsas, P.; Petrovska, L.; Hannant, D.; Billinis, C. (2013)
    A study was conducted in order to determine the occurrence of European Brown Hare Syndrome virus (EBHSV) in Denmark and possible relation between disease pathogenesis and Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) host genotype. ...