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  • Discovery of N-Phenyl-4-(thiazol-5-yl)pyrimidin-2-amine aurora kinase inhibitors 

    Wang, S.; Midgley, C. A.; Scaërou, F.; Grabarek, J. B.; Griffiths, G.; Jackson, W.; Kontopidis, G.; McClue, S. J.; McInnes, C.; Meades, C.; Mezna, M.; Plater, A.; Stuart, I.; Thomas, M. P.; Wood, G.; Clarke, R. G.; Blake, D. G.; Zheleva, D. I.; Lane, D. P.; Jackson, R. C.; Glover, D. M.; Fischer, P. M. (2010)
    Through cell-based screening of our kinase-directed compound collection, we discovered that a subset of N-phenyl-4-(thiazol-5-yl)pyrimidin-2-amines were potent cytotoxic agents against cancer cell lines, suppressed mitotic ...