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  • Actions for prevention and control of health threats related to maritime transport in European Union 

    Hadjichristodoulou, C.; Mouchtouri, V. A.; Guglielmetti, P.; Lemos, C. M.; Nichols, G.; Paux, T.; Schlaich, C.; Cornejo, M. D.; Martinez, C. V.; Dionisio, M.; Rehmet, S.; Jaremin, B.; Kremastinou, J. (2013)
    Background: Actions at European Union level for International Health Regulations (IHR) 2005 implementation and maritime transport were focused on two European projects implemented between 2006 and 2011. Method: Situation ...
  • Effect of olive leaf (Olea europea L.) extracts on protein and lipid oxidation of long-term frozen n-3 fatty acids-enriched pork patties 

    Botsoglou, E.; Govaris, A.; Ambrosiadis, I.; Fletouris, D.; Botsoglou, N. (2014)
    Our previous study has demonstrated the protective effects of olive leaf extracts on the oxidation of pork patties from n-3 fatty acid-enriched meat during refrigerated storage. The target of the present study was to examine ...
  • In Reply 

    Dailiana, Z.; Malizos, K. N.; Koutalos, A. (2014)
  • Multiplex PCR assay for the rapid identification of human papillomavirus genotypes 16, 18, 45, 35, 66, 33, 51, 58, and 31 in clinical samples 

    Tsakogiannis, D.; Diamantidou, V.; Toska, E.; Kyriakopoulou, Z.; Dimitriou, T. G.; Ruether, I. G.; Gortsilas, P.; Markoulatos, P. (2015)
    The causal association between persistent human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and cervical cancer has lead to the development of a variety of molecular assays for HPV detection. The present study focused on the development ...
  • Role of immunohistochemistry for hepatitis D and hepatitis B virus in hepatitis delta 

    Kabaçam, G.; Wedemeyer, H.; Savaş, B.; Keskin, O.; Dalekos, G.; Tabak, F.; Idilman, R.; Erhardt, A.; Yalçin, K.; Bozdayi, M. A.; Bozkaya, H.; Manns, M.; Dienes, H.; Yurdaydin, C.; Berg, T.; Böcher, W.; Bohle, H.; Buggisch, P.; Cornberg, M.; Ers̈oz, G.; Feyerabend, S.; Hinrichsen, H.; Manok, M.; Häussinger, D.; Herzog, W.; Hofmann, W. P.; Plein, K.; Hardt, H.; Porst, H.; Mederacke, I.; Rigopoulou, E. I.; Sentürk, H.; Wagner, E. K. V. (2014)
    Background & Aims: Immunohistochemical assessment of liver tissue in chronic delta hepatitis (CDH) is underinvestigated. Aim of the study was (i) to assess variables associated with hepatitis D antigen (HDAg), hepatitis B ...
  • Statins and Infrainguinal Vascular Bypass Procedures 

    Paraskevas, K. I.; Giannoukas, A. D.; Mikhailidis, D. P. (2013)
    Statins exert several beneficial effects on patients with peripheral arterial disease, whether managed conservatively or undergoing open surgical/endovascular procedures. Statins improve perioperative and long-term mortality ...
  • Validated analysis of HIF-1α expression in cancer cells using a controlled and comparative immunoassay 

    Ioannou, M.; Mylonis, I.; Kouvaras, E.; Papamichali, R.; Daponte, A.; Paraskeva, E.; Simos, G.; Koukoulis, G. K. (2010)
    The immunoreactivity of hypoxia inducible factor 1 α (HIF-1α) has been considered a reliable indicator of the HIF-1 pathway activation in tissue hypoxia. However, HIF-1α immunoreactivity has been evaluated with different ...