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  • A huge posteromedial mediastinal cyst complicated with vertebral dislodgment 

    Kouerinis, I. A.; Zografos, G. C.; Exarchos, D. N.; Silimingas, N. T.; Argiriou, M. E.; Manoussaridis, J. T.; Misiakos, E. P.; Fotiadis, C. I.; Bellenis, I. P. (2006)
    Background: Mediastinal cysts compromise almost 20% of all mediastinal masses with bronchogenic subtype accounting for 60% of all cystic lesions. Although compression of adjoining soft tissues is usual, spinal complications ...
  • Imaging of traumatic lesions of abdominal viscera 

    Vassiou, K.; Fezoulidis, I. (2002)
    Trauma to the abdomen accounts for approximately 10% of trauma deaths. The injury may be blunt or penetrating. Abdominal organs are frequently injured from blunt trauma. Rapid acceleration-deceleration of abdominal viscera ...
  • Low-molecular-weight heparin for prevention of thrombosis: Inverted role 

    Dailiana, Z. H.; Malizos, K. N.; Varitimidis, S.; Hantes, M.; Basdekis, G.; Rigopoulos, N. (2007)
    BACKGROUND: Heparin induced thrombosis (HIT) after low-molecular-weight (LMWH) administration for thrombosis prevention is a limb and life threatening condition. METHODS: Two previously healthy individuals, with nonviable ...