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  • On Multicast Beamforming for Minimum Outage 

    Ntranos, V.; Sidiropoulos, N. D.; Tassiulas, L. (2009)
    The multicast beamforming problem is considered from the viewpoint of minimizing outage probability subject to a transmit power constraint. The main difference with the point-to-point transmit beamforming problem is that ...
  • Optimization models for misalignment fading mitigation in optical wireless links 

    Sandalidis, H. G. (2008)
    We consider a free-space optical (FSO) channel model affected by misalignment fading (pointing error) effects. Assuming intensity modulation/direct detection (IM/DD) with on-off keying BOOK), new closed form expressions ...
  • WiMAX on FSO: Outage Probability Analysis 

    Vaiopoulos, N.; Sandalidis, H. G.; Varoutas, D. (2012)
    The transmission of multiple wireless signals over optical links has attained a great research interest nowadays. In case where optical fibers are difficult to be deployed, or installation cost is prohibited, optical ...