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  • Direct numerical simulation of a heat removal configuration for fusion blankets 

    Kakarantzas, S. C.; Grecos, A. P.; Vlachos, N. S.; Sarris, I. E.; Knaepen, B.; Carati, D. (2007)
    A series of direct numerical simulations (DNS) are performed to study the natural convection heat transfer between concentric cylinders at several Rayleigh and Hartmann numbers. The buoyant flow is driven by the temperature ...
  • Magnetic field effect on the cooling of a low-Pr fluid in a vertical cylinder 

    Sarris, I. E.; Iatridis, A. I.; Dritselis, C. D.; Vlachos, N. S. (2010)
    Results of direct numerical simulations are presented for the transient and turbulent natural convection cooling of an initially isothermal quiescent liquid metal placed in a vertical cylinder in the presence of a vertical ...