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  • European surveillance network for influenza in pigs: Surveillance programs, diagnostic tools and swine influenza virus subtypes identified in 14 European countries from 2010 to 2013 

    Simon, G.; Larsen, L. E.; Dürrwald, R.; Foni, E.; Harder, T.; Van Reeth, K.; Markowska-Daniel, I.; Reid, S. M.; Dan, A.; Maldonado, J.; Huovilainen, A.; Billinis, C.; Davidson, I.; Agüero, M.; Vila, T.; Hervé, S.; Breum, S. Ø; Chiapponi, C.; Urbaniak, K.; Kyriakis, C. S.; Brown, I. H.; Loeffen, W.; Van der Meulen, K.; Schlegel, M.; Bublot, M.; Kellam, P.; Watson, S.; Lewis, N. S.; Pybus, O. G.; Webby, R.; Chen, H.; Vincent, A. L. (2014)
    Swine influenza causes concern for global veterinary and public health officials. In continuing two previous networks that initiated the surveillance of swine influenza viruses (SIVs) circulating in European pigs between ...
  • Prion protein gene polymorphisms in healthy and scrapie-affected sheep in Greece 

    Billinis, C.; Psychas, V.; Leontides, L.; Spyrou, V.; Argyroudis, S.; Vlemmas, I.; Leontides, S.; Sklaviadis, T.; Papadopoulos, O. (2004)
    A total of 216 local crossbred sheep from 16 scrapie-affected Greek flocks and 210 purebred sheep of the milk breeds Chios and Karagouniko from healthy flocks were analysed for scrapie-linked polymorphisms in the prion ...
  • Recovery of Salmonella enterica from seropositive finishing pig herds 

    Lo Fo Wong, D. M. A.; Dahl, J.; Van Der Wolf, P. J.; Wingstrand, A.; Leontides, L.; Von Altrock, A. (2003)
    The aim of this study was to assess the probability of detecting Salmonella from pen faecal samples in seropositive classified finishing pig herds. The study involved 77 herds from Denmark (20), The Netherlands (20), Greece ...