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  • Cognitive impairment in heart failure 

    Dardiotis, E.; Giamouzis, G.; Mastrogiannis, D.; Vogiatzi, C.; Skoularigis, J.; Triposkiadis, F.; Hadjigeorgiou, G. M. (2012)
    Cognitive impairment (CI) is increasingly recognized as a common adverse consequence of heart failure (HF). Although the exact mechanisms remain unclear, microembolism, chronic or intermittent cerebral hypoperfusion, and/or ...
  • Epidemiology and importance of renal dysfunction in heart failure patients 

    Giamouzis, G.; Kalogeropoulos, A. P.; Butler, J.; Karayannis, G.; Georgiopoulou, V. V.; Skoularigis, J.; Triposkiadis, F. (2013)
    Renal dysfunction (RD) is a frequent comorbid condition and a major determinant of outcomes in patients with heart failure (HF). It is likely that the etiology of RD in patients with HF is much more complex than we first ...
  • Patient-Reported Selective Adherence to Heart Failure Self-Care Recommendations: A Prospective Cohort Study: The Atlanta Cardiomyopathy Consortium 

    Marti, C. N.; Georgiopoulou, V. V.; Giamouzis, G.; Cole, R. T.; Deka, A.; Tang, W. H. W.; Dunbar, S. B.; Smith, A. L.; Kalogeropoulos, A. P.; Butler, J. (2013)
    Simultaneous adherence with multiple self-care instructions among heart failure (HF) patients is not well described. Patient-reported adherence to 8 recommendations related to exercise, alcohol, medications, smoking, diet, ...