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  • Association of anti-CCP positivity and carriage of TNFRII susceptibility variant with anti-TNF-α response in rheumatoid arthritis 

    Vasilopoulos, Y.; Bagiatis, V.; Stamatopoulou, D.; Zisopoulos, D.; Alexiou, I.; Sarafidou, T.; Settas, L.; Sakkas, L.; Mamuris, Z. (2011)
    Objective: To investigate the possible influence of tumour necrosis factoralpha (TNF), TNF receptor I (TNFRI) and TNF receptor II (TNFRII) gene polymorphisms on anti-TNF treatment responsiveness, stratified by autoantibody ...
  • Association of FCGR2A with the response to infliximab treatment of patients with rheumatoid arthritis 

    Montes, A.; Perez-Pampin, E.; Narváez, J.; Cañete, J. D.; Navarro-Sarabia, F.; Moreira, V.; Fernández-Nebro, A.; Del Carmen Ordóñez, M.; De La Serna, A. R.; Magallares, B.; Vasilopoulos, Y.; Sarafidou, T.; Caliz, R.; Ferrer, M. A.; Joven, B.; Carreira, P.; Gómez-Reino, J. J.; Gonzalez, A. (2014)
    OBJECTIVES: We aimed to assess a functional polymorphism in FCGR2A H131R, for association with the treatment response to Fc-containing inhibitors of tumor necrosis factor (TNF). METHODS: A total of 429 biologic-naive ...
  • Current guidelines for the management of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis 

    Antoniou, K. M.; Daniil, Z.; Polychronopoulos, V.; Papiris, S.; Bouros, D. (2012)
  • Cytokines and pathological sleep 

    Kapsimalis, F.; Basta, M.; Varouchakis, G.; Gourgoulianis, K.; Vgontzas, A.; Kryger, M. (2008)
    Cytokines are proteins produced by leukocytes and other cells that function as intercellular mediators acting on several target tissues, resulting in multiple biologic actions. Over the last decade, medical research has ...
  • FCGR polymorphisms in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with Fc-containing TNF inhibitors 

    Montes, A.; Perez-Pampin, E.; Joven, B.; Carreira, P.; Fernandez-Nebro, A.; Ordonez, M. D.; Navarro-Sarabia, F.; Moreira, V.; Vasilopoulos, Y.; Sarafidou, T.; Caliz, R.; Ferrer, M. A.; Canete, J. D.; de la Serna, A. R.; Magallares, B.; Narvaez, J.; Gomez-Reino, J. J.; Gonzalez, A. (2015)
    Objectives: Reproducible association of a functional polymorphism in FCGR2A with response to a TNF inhibitor (TNFi) in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) led us to explore other Fc gamma R functional polymorphisms. ...
  • Hematogenous spinal infection in Central Greece 

    Sakkas, L. I.; Davas, E. M.; Kapsalaki, E.; Boulbou, M.; Makaritsis, K.; Alexiou, I.; Tsikrikas, T.; Stathakis, N. (2009)
    STUDY DESIGN.: We retrospectively analyzed spinal infection (SpI), in a teaching Hospital, in Central Greece. OBJECTIVE.: To study presentation, etiology, and outcome of SpI in Central Greece. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA.: ...
  • P38 MAPK signaling in pemphigus: Implications for skin autoimmunity 

    Mavropoulos, A.; Orfanidou, T.; Liaskos, C.; Smyk, D. S.; Spyrou, V.; Sakkas, L. I.; Rigopoulou, E. I.; Bogdanos, D. P. (2013)
    p38 mitogen activated protein kinase (p38 MAPK) signaling plays a major role in the modulation of immune-mediated inflammatory responses and therefore has been linked with several autoimmune diseases. The extent of the ...
  • Pharmacogenetic analysis of TNF, TNFRSF1A, and TNFRSF1B gene polymorphisms and prediction of response to anti-TNF therapy in psoriasis patients in the greek population 

    Vasilopoulos, Y.; Manolika, M.; Zafiriou, E.; Sarafidou, T.; Bagiatis, V.; Krüger-Krasagaki, S.; Tosca, A.; Patsatsi, A.; Sotiriadis, D.; Mamuris, Z.; Roussaki-Schulze, A. (2012)
    Background: Although biologic therapies have revolutionized the treatment of psoriasis, patients exhibit a substantial heterogeneous response that could be due to complex genetic heterogeneity. Objective: The aim of this ...
  • The risk of lymphoma development in autoimmune diseases: A meta-analysis 

    Zintzaras, E.; Voulgarelis, M.; Moutsopoulos, H. M. (2005)
    Background: The risk of development of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) in autoimmune patients has been investigated in several cohort studies. These studies revealed inconclusive results. To shed some light on this controversy, ...