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  • Factors associated with the occurrence of epistaxis in natural canine leishmaniasis (Leishmania infantum) 

    Petanides, T. A.; Koutinas, A. F.; Mylonakis, M. E.; Day, M. J.; Sarldomichelakis, M. N.; Leontides, L. S.; Mischke, R.; Diniz, P.; Breitschwerdt, E. B.; Kritsepi, M.; Garipidou, V. A.; Koutinas, C. K.; Lekkas, S. (2008)
    Background: Canine leishmaniasis (CanL) is a common cause of epistaxis in dogs residing in endemic areas. The pathogenesis of CanL-associated epistaxis has not been fully explored because of the limited number of cases ...