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  • Cost estimation of patients admitted to the intensive care unit: A case study of the Teaching University Hospital of Thessaly 

    Geitona, M.; Androutsou, L.; Theodoratou, D. (2010)
    Objective: This study aimed to estimate the cost of patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Teaching University Hospital of Thessaly (TUHT) in 2006 and to demonstrate discrepancies between actual ...
  • The economic burden of treating neonates in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) in Greece 

    Geitona, M.; Hatzikou, M.; Hatzistamatiou, Z.; Anastasiadou, A.; Theodoratou, T. D. (2007)
    Background: In a period when a public-private mix in Greece is under consideration and hospital budgets become restrained, economic assessment is important for rational decision making. The study aimed to estimate the ...
  • Generic medicines: Greek physicians' perceptions and prescribing practices 

    Tsiantou, V.; Zavras, D.; Kousoulakou, H.; Geitona, M.; Kyriopoulos, J. (2009)
    P>Background and objective: The penetration of generic drugs in the Greek pharmaceutical market is placed among the weakest in the EU. The Greek regulatory framework does not systematically support the development of this ...
  • Generics market in Greece: The pharmaceutical industry's beliefs 

    Geitona, M.; Zavras, D.; Hatzikou, M.; Kyriopoulos, J. (2006)
    The aim of this study was to investigate the beliefs and perspectives of the pharmaceutical industry on generic medication in Greece. Questionnaires were mailed to all 58 members of the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical ...
  • The socioeconomic impact of musculoskeletal infections 

    Poultsides, L. A.; Liaropoulos, L. L.; Malizos, K. N. (2010)
  • The state of hepatitis B and C in the mediterranean and balkan countries: Report from a summit conference 

    Hatzakis, A.; Van Damme, P.; Alcorn, K.; Gore, C.; Benazzouz, M.; Berkane, S.; Buti, M.; Carballo, M.; Cortes Martins, H.; Deuffic-Burban, S.; Dominguez, A.; Donoghoe, M.; Elzouki, A. N.; Ben-Alaya Bouafif, N.; Esmat, G.; Esteban, R.; Fabri, M.; Fenton, K.; Goldberg, D.; Goulis, I.; Hadjichristodoulou, T.; Hatzigeorgiou, T.; Hamouda, O.; Hasurdjiev, S.; Hughes, S.; Kautz, A.; Malik, M.; Manolakopoulos, S.; Matičič, M.; Papatheodoridis, G.; Peck, R.; Peterle, A.; Potamitis, G.; Prati, D.; Roudot-Thoraval, F.; Reic, T.; Sharara, A.; Shennak, M.; Shiha, G.; Shouval, D.; Sočan, M.; Thomas, H.; Thursz, M.; Tosti, M.; Trépo, C.; Vince, A.; Vounou, E.; Wiessing, L.; Manns, M. (2013)
    The burden of disease due to chronic viral hepatitis constitutes a global threat. In many Balkan and Mediterranean countries, the disease burden due to viral hepatitis remains largely unrecognized, including in high-risk ...