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  • Recording lifetime behavior and movement in an invertebrate model 

    Zou, S.; Liedo, P.; Altamirano-Robles, L.; Cruz-Enriquez, J.; Morice, A.; Ingram, D. K.; Kaub, K.; Papadopoulos, N.; Carey, J. R. (2011)
    Characterization of lifetime behavioral changes is essential for understanding aging and aging-related diseases. However, such studies are scarce partly due to the lack of efficient tools. Here we describe and provide proof ...
  • Survivorship of monoblock trabecular metal cups in primary THA: Midterm results 

    Malizos, K. N.; Bargiotas, K.; Papatheodorou, L.; Hantes, M.; Karachalios, T. (2008)
    Monoblock trabecular metal cups are made of a novel porous material intended to enhance ingrowth and improve fixation. We prospectively followed 223 consecutive patients with 245 trabecular metal acetabular cups implanted ...