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  • Alpha-synuclein repeat variants and survival in parkinson's disease 

    Chung, S. J.; Biernacka, J. M.; Armasu, S. M.; Anderson, K.; Frigerio, R.; Aasly, J. O.; Annesi, G.; Bentivoglio, A. R.; Brighina, L.; Chartier-Harlin, M. C.; Goldwurm, S.; Hadjigeorgiou, G.; Jasinska-Myga, B.; Jeon, B. S.; Kim, Y. J.; Krüger, R.; Lesage, S.; Markopoulou, K.; Mellick, G.; Morrison, K. E.; Puschmann, A.; Tan, E. K.; Crosiers, D.; Theuns, J.; Van Broeckhoven, C.; Wirdefeldt, K.; Wszolek, Z. K.; Elbaz, A.; Maraganore, D. M.; Yahalom, G.; Orlev, Y.; Cohen, O. S.; Kozlova, E.; Friedman, E.; Inzelberg, R.; Hassin-Baer, S. (2014)
    Objectives: To determine whether α-synuclein dinucleotide repeat (REP1) genotypes are associated with survival in Parkinson's disease (PD). Methods: Investigators from the Genetic Epidemiology of Parkinson's Disease ...