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  • The effect of coagulation on the toxicity and mutagenicity of reclaimed municipal effluents 

    Petala, M.; Samaras, P.; Kungolos, A.; Zouboulis, A.; Papadopoulos, A.; Sakellaropoulos, G. P. (2006)
    The objectives of this work were the assessment of the effectiveness of coagulation on the reclamation of secondary effluents and the evaluation of the quality of reclaimed waters by the examination of their ecotoxic and ...
  • Environmental planning in Magnesia prefecture, Greece 

    Michailidou, K.; Samaras, P.; Christopoulou, O.; Beriatos, E.; Kungolos, A. (2003)
    The environmental planning of Magnesia Prefecture is studied in this work, aiming at the assessment of the environmental quality and the determination of the most appropriate objectives and priorities, for the achievement ...