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  • Computed tomography study of radial head morphology 

    Itamura, J. M.; Roidis, N. T.; Chong, A. K.; Vaishnav, S.; Papadakis, S. A.; Zalavras, C. (2008)
    Computed tomography scans of 22 cadaveric adult elbows were obtained in 3 forearm positions: full supination, neutral, and full pronation. The radial head dimensions, the radiocapitellar joints, and the proximal radioulnar ...
  • The influence of the acromioclavicular joint degeneration on supraspinatus outlet impingement and the acromion shape 

    Roidis, N. T.; Motamed, S.; Vaishnav, S.; Ebramzadeh, E.; Karachalios, T. S.; Itamura, J. M. (2009)
    PURPOSE: To assess the anatomic association of acromioclavicular joint degeneration to supraspinatus outlet impingement and the acromion shape. METHODS: Sagittal oblique magnetic resonance images of 49 shoulders in 49 ...
  • Radial head fractures: MRI evaluation of associated injuries 

    Itamura, J.; Roidis, N.; Mirzayan, R.; Vaishnav, S.; Learch, T.; Shean, C. (2005)
    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the incidence of combined osteochondral and ligamentous injuries by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in 24 patients with an acute radial head fracture (Mason type II and III) without ...