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  • Amiloride-sensitive sodium channels on the parietal human peritoneum: Evidence by ussing-type chamber experiments 

    Stefanidis, I.; Liakopoulos, V.; Kourti, P.; Zarogiannis, S.; Poultsidi, A.; Mertems, P. R.; Salmas, M.; Hatzoglou, C.; Gourgoulianis, K.; Molyvdas, P. A. (2007)
    The mesothelium is part of the peritoneal water and ion transport barrier essential for peritoneal dialysis (PD) treatment and has a central role in the pathogenesis of peritoneal fibrosis and ultrafiltration failure ...
  • Total water management approach in steel industry 

    Tryfona-Panagopoulou, V.; Panagopoulos, S.; Panagopoulou, C.; Kungolos, A. (2011)
    Water, due to its high specific heat capacity is considered to be an extremely attractive means for heat transfer (cooling) in industrial processes. A total water management plan for steel industry is presented here, taking ...