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  • Injection injuries: seemingly minor injuries with major consequences 

    Dailiana, H. Z.; Kotsaki, D.; Varitimidis, S.; Moka, S.; Bakarozi, M.; Oikonomou, K.; Malizos, N. K. (2008)
    Background: High-pressure injection injuries are rare injuries, characterized by a small puncture wound that is often underestimated by physicians and patients. The injected substance leads to extensive tissue damage and ...
  • Purulent flexor tenosynovitis: Factors influencing the functional outcome 

    Dailiana, Z. H. (2008)
    This retrospective study aimed to evaluate the factors that influence the final outcome of treatment of purulent flexor tenosynovitis, viz. delay in treatment, severity of the condition, the infecting pathogen and the ...